Woman with golden retriever holding an Asobu Dog Water Bottle
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I Tried the Asobu Dog Bowl Water Bottle on a Hike With My Pup—Here's How It Went

It’s an insulated thermos *and* a dog bowl. 
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One of the best things about having a dog (besides the constant affection and overwhelming cuteness) is getting a built-in hiking companion. Although I'm far from a serious hiker, I love spending my weekends exploring new trails and parks around my North Carolina home, and with full apologies to my husband, I've found that there's no better companion than our dog, Ellie. At 65 pounds and full of energy, she's always game for a stroll through the woods—and so whenever we set out on a new adventure, I make sure to pack not just my essentials, but hers, too, including treats, a long leash, and a water bowl.

For years, I've relied on a $5 collapsible water bowl I got at a vacation souvenir shop whenever I've taken Ellie, a Caribbean potcake dog, out on a hike or a road trip, and while it's been perfectly fine, I've always known there were probably better options out there. So when I was sent Asobu's dog bowl water bottle to try, I was super curious how it'd compare.

A combination item meant to store water for both human and pet, the stainless steel bottle has a regular vacuum-insulated thermos on top and a detachable, anti-slip pet bowl at the bottom. All you have to do is unscrew the base and fill it with water, and then you and your dog can happily hydrate. Intrigued, I filled the bottle with ice water before a recent hike with Ellie. There's no lock feature, unlike my regular HydroFlask, but the cap fits on snugly enough to prevent spills. As for the bottle itself, it's big, fitting 33 ounces of water. I wasn't sure it would fit into my tiny backpack, but luckily, it just made it in. 

Dog drinking out of Asobu dog water bottle bowl
The writer's dog, Ellie, enjoying a drink from the Asobu dog water bowl.
| Credit: Courtesy of Rachel Simon

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Despite its size, the bottle isn't heavy, so it was easy to enjoy the hike without bemoaning the extra weight. Halfway through our journey, we paused for a water break, so I twisted off the bottom and poured in some water for Ellie. She immediately gulped it up, while I enjoyed the (still ice-cold) water out of the bottle. When she was done, I slipped the base back on, making a mental note to wash it when we got back home.

Overall, I was really pleased with the bottle, and still am. Although it is a bit bulky, making it not ideal for casual strolls with smaller bags, it holds a ton of water and keeps it cold for hours on end. The detachable bowl feature is smart and convenient, not to mention cute, with a fun paw print and bone pattern. (The actual bottle I have is a neutral, slightly boring plain black and silver, although you can buy other, much cooler options like millennial pink, white, and even wood.) And then there's the easy grip handle, which makes carrying it alongside other items way easier than a typical bottle.

Available on Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond for $30, the bottle is on par with many other insulated thermos prices, and it's even cheaper when you consider that you don't have to buy an additional pet bowl. I plan on using it for many hikes and trips to come as long as I have a big enough backpack and an eager canine companion ready to put it to good use.