glow in the dark dog tags featured on a cream illustration
Credit: Courtesy of Qalo

Qalo's New Glow-in-the-Dark Dog ID Tag Is Perfect for Winter Walks

Never lose your dog in the dark again with these must-have glow-in-the-dark dog ID tags.
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QALO first broke into the market with their silicone wedding rings built for people who live active lifestyles and don't want to risk losing or damaging their diamonds. Since then, they've launched new colors, sizes, styles, and customizations, apparel, and dog identification tags. The dog ID tags are made out of silicone just like their rings, so they're quiet and scratch-resistant—no more jangling every time your dog moves and important information fading away with time.

Now, they've taken these ID tags to the next level by making them glow in the dark, which is perfect for those dark winter walks. QALO uses their exclusive Foxfire powder to make the tags glow. All you have to do is "charge" it with sunlight or indoor light for several minutes, then watch it shine bright in the darkness. QALO says the tags will glow brightly for a brief duration and then will fade into an ambient glow as the charge wears off.

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The tags come in both circle and hexagon shapes and are double-sided with up to six lines of engraved text available, so you have plenty of room to give all the important information about your dog, like name, address, phone number, and microchip status. Another bonus? They make matching glow-in-the-dark rings for humans, so you'll both light up the night and stay safe while getting that all-important exercise.

With winter just around the corner, and the sun setting earlier and earlier, these tags will help pet parents stay safe during their evening walks. The glow coming from their collar makes it easier for motorists to see you and your pooch. And if the unthinkable happens and they get loose from their leash, the glow from the collar means you can still spot their tags in the dark.

Shop now: QALO Foxfire Dog ID Tag, $25;

Just don't forget your other four-legged friends! It's just as important to keep an ID tag on your cat, since they can easily slip out the door. And if it's late at night, you'll be glad to have an ID tag that illuminates in the dark!