Happy Pit Bull mix wearing rainbow ribbons and a rainbow bowtie stands in street with owner during pride parade
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10 Rainbow Dog Costumes, Gear, and Accessories to Celebrate Pride Month

These outfits come in every color of the rainbow—perfect for your pup to strut their stuff.
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We're all getting excited for the rainbow-colored gear that will fill the streets in celebration of the queer community this June. But all that glitter and glam will be so much more fun if your four-legged friend gets to join in, too. So while you're planning your own wardrobe, don't forget to find a rainbow dog costume for Fido, too!

Whether you and your furry BFF celebrate Pride this year by marching in the streets or snuggled up at home with a selfie showing off your rainbow gear, a look that's customized to their comfort level will help your pup look and feel their very best no matter where they strut their stuff. And while Pride month may be in June, we think these rainbow-studded outfits are worth rocking every day of the year!

Our Top Picks

Rainbow dog bandana
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Bandana: Rainbow Dog Bandana

Buy Now on Amazon ($15)

If your pet gets fussy when you put clothes or hats on them, this simple rainbow bandana is a fun way to show off your commitment to equality anywhere you go ... without getting in the way of their fun (or their fur). Have a cat who wants to get in on the festivities? The small size of this one will fit them perfectly, too.

Rainbow dog collar
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Collar: Rainbow Dog Collar

Buy Now on Amazon ($10)

Of course your pet's collar has to match any other rainbow-colored accessories they'll be rocking during Pride! This adjustable, durable rainbow collar will fit comfortably on your dog's neck, and the sturdy metal D-ring will keep them safely attached to their leash as you two sashay away through the streets.

youly pride dog lead
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

Best Leash: YOULY Pride Dog Lead

Buy Now on Petco ($30)

Keep your dog safe in a parade or just show off your support in a walk around the neighborhood with this six-foot dog leash. The leash features faux leather trim, a dip-dyed rainbow design, and a rotating clasp for easy on and off. 

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Rainbow tie for pets
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Tie: Rainbow Tie for Dogs

Buy Now on Amazon ($5)

Calling all fancy pups! If your dog has a more refined style, consider dressing them up in this rainbow tie. It's just the right amount of professionalism for a job interview. Or at the very least, it shows they're extremely serious about celebrating Pride month.

Rainbow dog bow tie
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Best Bow Tie: Rainbow Bow Tie Collar Attachment

Buy Now on Target ($15)

Another option for the most proper of prideful pups, this rainbow bow tie attaches to your pet's collar and stays on even as they prance around all day. If you have two dogs, we suggest dressing one up in the tie and the other in this bow tie for an extra-cute photo op!

Rainbow dog shirt
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

Best T-Shirt: YOULY The Free Spirit Rainbow Love Dog Grey T-Shirt

Buy Now on Petco ($15)

This sweet graphic T-shirt displays a simple but beautiful message that captures the true essence of Pride month, reading "All for love, love for all" in rainbow colors. Your doggo—and everyone you meet on the street—is sure to give this outfit and its affirmation two paws up!

youly rainbow dog costume
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

Best Costume: YOULY Pride Rainbow Dog Costume

Buy Now on Petco ($22)

This rainbow dog costume is downright adorable! The two-piece costume comes with a rainbow that fits on your pup's torso and a matching headpiece with adorable felt rainbow hearts. The headband is secured with an elastic strap—your pup might not love things on his head, so it might be best to forego the headband after a quick pic!

over the rainbow scrunchie bandana set
Credit: Courtesy of The Foggy Dog

Best Matching Set: Over the Rainbow Scrunchie and Bandana Set

Buy Now on The Foggy Dog ($32)

This is the perfect way for you and your pooch to match in full-on Pride style. Featuring a rainbow bandana for the pups and a matching rainbow scrunchie for pet parents, you and your dog will be the star of the festivities this month. 

youly pride plush dog bone
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

Best Toy: YOULY Pride Plush Bone Dog Toy

Buy Now on Petco ($8)

This plush bone toy is a rainbow-striped take on the classic dog favorite. Emblazoned with the words "Proud Pup" and featuring the LGBTQIA flag, this squeaker-stuffed bone will be the perfect toy for your pup to carry around all month. Warning: This plush toy might not stand up to tough chewers.

youly pride travel dog bowl
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

Best Travel Bowl: YOULY Pride Travel Dog Bowl

Buy Now on Petco ($13)

Participating in a Pride parade or celebration of any kind needs water! This festive collapsible dog water bowl does the trick in style. The bowl holds three cups of either food or water and has a carabiner attached for easy travel and packing.

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3 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe at Pride Parades

Whether you and your pup identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community or are showing your support as a rainbow-clad ally, there are a few tips to keep in mind while searching for the perfect 'fit for your pooch.

1. Skip the Costumes

First things first: If your pup isn't comfortable pulling off a look inspired by the Season 13 queens of RuPaul, skip it. There are plenty of ways to show your support for the queer community that don't require a full-scale overhaul! For these outfit-averse doggos, try something simple instead. A rainbow leash, collar, or bandana can be a fashionable (yet functional) option for pets who want to strut their stuff but may not be ready to prance down the catwalk in a full costume.

2. Ensure the Costumes Fit (and Don't Cover Their Eyes)

You'll also want to choose a costume that fits your pup well. A T-shirt can be a casual option that still makes a statement, but it shouldn't be too tight or too loose, or impede their movement (nobody wants their pup to take a tumble while strutting their stuff in the parade!). And while hats or doggy sunglasses might be cute for a brief photo op, if they cover your pet's eyes or affect their vision, it's probably a good idea to leave them at home.

3. Stay Home

Finally, if your fur baby doesn't do well in crowds or around people or pets they don't know, snap a quick pic of them in their rainbow regalia from home, then cuddle up on the couch while you partake in the celebration virtually together. But if your dog loves meeting new friends and the two of you do decide to head out to the festivities, be sure to carry extra water so they (and you!) can stay hydrated throughout the day. If it's an especially hot day, you may also want to consider whether dog booties are needed to help protect their paws from the hot pavement.