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26 Matching Pet and Owner Christmas Sweaters to Get Into the Howl-iday Spirit

Matching? Pet? Christmas? Shut up and take our money.
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  • Ugly Santa Matching Sweaters: Human and Pet, starting at $38
  • Blue Snowflake Matching Sweaters: Human, $33; Pet, $26
  • Green Reindeer Matching Sweaters: Human, $23; Pet, $16
  • Llama Cactus Matching Sweaters: Human and Pet, starting at $30
  • Classic Red Matching Sweaters: Human, $25; Pet, $16
  • Navy Reindeer Matching Sweaters: Human, $30; Pet, $18
  • Pink Hearts Matching Sweaters: Human and Pet, starting at $38
  • Vintage Red Matching Sweaters: Human, $33; Pet, $20
  • Fa La Llama Matching Sweaters: Human, $65; Pet, $25
  • Holiday Pine Trees Matching Set: Human and Pet, starting at $30
  • Snowflake Matching Sweaters: Human, starting at $29; Pet, $16
  • Rad Reindeer Matching Sweaters: Human and Pet, starting at $21
  • Matching Dog Family Christmas Jumper: Human and Pet, starting at $43
  • Red Fair Isle Matching Sweaters: Human and Pet, starting at $38
  • Cabin Sweater for Pups & People: Human and Pet, $42
  • Ice Fairisle Matching Jumper: Human, $71; Pet, $43
  • Matching Dog Family Christmas Jumper: Human, $43; Pet, $43

If you love staying warm, celebrating the holidays, and posing with your pet, a set of matching Christmas sweaters for you and your pet is a no-brainer. Especially if you have some holiday photo ops coming up—think greeting cards, Instagram stories, and poses under the tree—you'll want to make sure you and your pet are coordinated.

What better way to spread holiday cheer then snagging a classic Christmas sweater for yourself? And now, you can also spread the cheer from head to tail by treating your BFF to their own miniature version. Once you see all the paw-some options out there for matching Christmas sweaters, you won't be able to resist getting one (or two) for you and your best pal.

The Jolliest Matching Pet and Owner Christmas Sweaters for Any Holiday Party

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Ugly Santa Matching Sweaters

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They're so ugly that they're cute, right? This sweater combo includes colorful presents and jolly Santas that are sure to catch anyone's eye. Even better, the pet version is a hoodie (just take a look at that charming pug model!).

Shop now: Ugly Santa Matching Sweaters, starting at $38;

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Blue Snowflake Matching Sweaters

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This brand, Blueberry Pet, makes all kinds of goodies for your dog or cat. And during the holiday season, they go all out with festive sweaters, collars, scarves, and bows (yep, you guessed it—all for pets). Luckily, they spoil us humans with matching apparel of our own. They offer kids sizing, adult sizing, and even throw blankets!

Shop now: Blue Snowflake Matching Sweaters, Human, $33;; Pet, $26;

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon and Etsy

Green Reindeer Matching Sweaters

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This holiday season, you can't go wrong with mistletoe green. Combine that with the snowflakes and reindeer, and you're ready to wow at any holiday party. You may even get a kiss from your pup—no mistletoe required!

Shop now: Green Snowflake Matching Sweaters, Human, $23;; Pet, $16;

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Llama Cactus Matching Sweaters

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If you're a fan of llamas, houseplants, Christmas, or all of the above, you will adore this sweater that allows you to twin with your best pal. This Etsy shop offers 10 different sizes for your pet, so you can match with your bestie no matter if he's a Chihuahua or a Great Dane.

Shop now: Llama Cactus Matching Sweaters, starting at $30;

classic red cable knit matching dog and owner sweaters
Credit: Courtesy of Target and Chewy

Classic Red Matching Sweaters

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Let's not forget our feline friends! This sweater specifically states that it's made for dogs and cats alike. The brand provides a size chart, so you can get your pet's measurements and figure out which size will work best. Any Rudolph-red sweater will work, but we like this one from Wild Fable!

Shop now: Classic Red Matching Sweaters, Human, $25;; Pet, $16;

navy reindeer matching sweaters
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy and Amazon

Navy Reindeer Matching Sweaters

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To keep things subtle, opt for this navy fair isle with a classic reindeer pattern. You and your pup will stand out from all the bright red and green at any holiday celebration while still staying festive and cozy.

Shop now: Navy Reindeer Matching Sweaters, Human, $30;; Pet, $18;

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Pink Hearts Matching Sweaters

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We are swooning over the lush pink of this fair isle holiday sweater! If your sweet princess already has a pink collar and a pink custom water bowl, why not follow the trend and get matching girly sweaters?

Shop now: Pink Hearts Matching Sweaters, starting at $38;

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Vintage Red Matching Sweaters

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Blueberry Pet really knows how to make our matching pet dreams come true. This vintage sweater print comes in an adorable scarf, too, just in case sweaters aren't your doggo's jam.

Shop now: Vintage Red Matching Sweaters, Human, $33;; Pet, $20;

Credit: Courtesy of Tipsy Elves

Fa La Llama Matching Sweaters

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If you want to take ugly sweater to a whole new level, this could be for you. The brand Tipsy Elves makes holiday sweater dresses and matching pet sweaters! This one happens to have llamas on it, but they have an entire line of matching pet and owner Christmas apparel to choose from.

Shop now: Tipsy Llama Matching Sweaters, Human, $65;; Pet, $25;

holiday pine trees matching dog set
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Holiday Pine Trees Matching Sweaters

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There's just something about the French bulldog that makes them especially handsome in sweaters. Maybe it's their ears or their squished little nose. Either way, even if you aren't a Frenchie parent, this sweater is for you—all kinds of pet parents have given great reviews on these Christmas sweaters!

Shop now: Reindeer Striped Matching Sweaters, $65;

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon and Chewy

Snowflake Matching Sweaters

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Just look at how adorable the kitty model looks in this snowflake sweater! Your four-legged friend will be well-prepped for any and all photo ops this holiday season. And you, by association, will look oh-so-festive!

Shop now: Snowflake Matching Sweaters, Human, starting at $29;; Pet, $16;

Credit: Courtesy of famjamjams

Rad Reindeer Matching Sweaters

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Get a sweater for every member of the family with their 12 size options for both humans and animals. We're talking kids, grandparents, mom and dad, Rufus the dog, and Lucy the cat. This silly cartoon reindeer is essential for funny greeting cards or ugly sweater parties.

Shop now: Rad Reindeer Matching Sweaters, starting at $21;

ice fairisle matching dog sweater
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Ice Fairisle Matching Sweaters

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We're loving this on-trend take on a holiday sweater—stand out amongst the sea of red and green with dainty beige and pastel blues and pinks that are just as festive.

Shop now: Ice Fairisle Matching Sweaters, Human, $71;; Pet, $43;

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Red Fair Isle Matching Sweaters

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Pamper your pup (and yourself) with these classic red fair isle sweaters you'll want to wear all season long. They're casual enough to throw on for a walk around the block, but they also make a statement for any holiday gathering or greeting card. P.S.—if you want to further spoil your pet, check out these pet Christmas stockings.

Shop now: Red Fair Isle Matching Sweaters, starting at $38;

white cabin print matching dog and owner sweater
Credit: Courtesy of Dog Threads

Cabin Sweater for Pups & People

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Whether you'll be spending Christmas in a cozy cabin or in your own home, this adorable cabin sweater set is the perfect mix of classic and cute. This website has tons of matching pet and owner options, and they donate a portion of their sales to support non-profit animal rescues. We'll take five!

Shop now: Cabin Sweater for Pups & People, $42;

matching family dog sweater
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Matching Dog Family Christmas Jumper

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Want a matching sweater set for the family Christmas card? This sweater comes in sizes for adults, kids, and pets. Your loved ones are sure to say "Awww" when they see the adorable reindeer and gingerbread men adorned with pom-poms on the sweater.

Shop now: Matching Dog Family Christmas Jumper, Human, starting at $43;; Pet, starting at $43;