dog turkey costume
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

If Your Dog Isn't Wearing a Turkey Costume, Is It Even Thanksgiving?

Get your pup ready to gobble 'til he wobbles!
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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it's almost time to start prepping feasts, setting tables, and visiting family. As you get ready for the holiday, why not involve your dog in some of the festivities? After all, every dog lover is thankful for their pup, and they deserve as much recognition as anyone on our "thankful for" lists. While most dogs will settle for a few yummy leftovers or a food coma snuggle sesh, if your dog craves being the center of attention, this hilarious dog turkey costume is a hilarious way to spread your Thanksgiving joy to your four-legged bestie.

The YOULY Plush Turkey Headpiece for Dogs is an adorable turkey outfit for dogs that will make your pup look like the main course—and let your guests know he's in "Feast Mode"—on Thanksgiving day. The hat, which you can buy for $13 at Petco, comes in two sizes to fit a wide range of dog breeds. So whether your pup is a petite Pomeranian or a large Lab, he'll be ready to gobble 'til he wobbles.

youly dog thanksgiving costume
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

Shop now: YOULY Plush Turkey Headpiece for Dogs, $13;

The turkey hat is sure to put a smile on your loved ones' faces as your dog greets guests at the door this Thanksgiving. Who knows, if your pup has seen enough episodes of Friends, he may even embrace his inner Monica and do a little shimmy for some extra treats. Just be sure to keep your pooch safe from any mishaps during dinner with this Thanksgiving pet safety list covering everything from food to extra family members.

As far as getting your pet to wear this silly costume goes, you may need to entice them with a few extra treats. The turkey hat itself is designed to wrap around your dog's head with a hook and loop velcro closure for easy on and off access. But some dogs may not be up for wearing a hat—especially one that may cover their ears or restrict their ability to see or hear. That's OK—don't force your pet to wear something they're not comfortable with.

Keep this list of pet costume safety tips handy as you try the turkey hat on Fido. These recommendations can help ensure your dog is safe and happy while wearing his 'lil gobbler outfit, just as he should be anytime you dress him in clothing or costumes. Don't leave your dog unsupervised when they're wearing a costume and make sure to take it off if your pup shows any sign of distress. If your pup is clearly uncomfortable with the turkey hat, try something festive and low-maintenance like a seasonal bandana or collar instead. 

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