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You Can Now Buy Crocs for Your Dogs—And They Need a Pair in Every Color

Can you imagine the hilarious photo ops?
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Crocs may be the most divisive footwear in the world; people tend to either love 'em or hate 'em. My husband falls in the "loving" camp and calls them "the ultimate shoe." I would have to disagree. Somehow our marriage survives this ongoing test.

But no matter how you feel about the aesthetic, you have to admit—Crocs are downright comfortable. And so functional! They've got it all: arch support, room to wiggle your toes, marshmallow-light material, and the ability to get wet and muddy without totally ruining the shoe. Aside from the style factor, which may be... subjective... at best, these things are the ultimate dog park shoe. Whether you splash in a puddle or step on an unexpected pile of poo while playing fetch, the easy-to-wash material won't let you down: just grab the hose and you're good to go.

If only there were a way to share your love of the perfect dog park shoe with your favorite canine companion! OH WAIT, THERE IS. Now you can share your love of the uber-functional, easy-to-wash, brightly colored rubber clogs with your dog via these hilarious matching dog crocs. I think it's safe to say that none of our lives will ever be the same after this discovery.

OK, they're not really the same brand as the iconic Croc shoe for humans. But these croc-style shoes for dogs look just like the real things, only tiny for Fido's feet. They come in a pair or quad style, depending on how you want to style them. Front paws only? Back paws only? All four? Different colors for every foot? Choose your own adventure here—the sky is truly the limit.

You can pick up a pair (or four) of the hilarious dog crocs on Amazon for either $15 or $22 depending on whether you order two or four shoes. But let's be clear about the value these dog shoes add in your pup's closet: the photos you'll capture will be PRICELESS. (Bonus points on your Instagram post if you're posing in your own adorable human Crocs next to your dog in their colorful little clogs.)

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The funny dog shoes come in bright blue, green, pink, and yellow. The material is likened to that of the real Croc: comfy silicone. Measuring 2.76x1.15x1.15 inches, the Amazon seller says the tiny crocs are only meant for small dogs. In the meantime, we'll cross our fingers for larger sizes in the future.

Are these little dog shoes ridiculous? Yes, of course! But boy, they sure are fun to look at. In fact, they're so silly the brand that sells the dog version of the iconic rubber shoe, GEHARTY, says they are just for fun and are not meant to be worn out on walks or running around the backyard (or for any reason other than a cute photo and a laugh). If your dog does need some legit puppy paw protection, you'll want to try some dog boots or dog socks instead.

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