dog in red and white Christmas pajamas
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Behold! These Are All the Cutest Dog Christmas Pajamas on the Internet

Or should we say paw-jamas?
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Winter is coming—or maybe we should we say winter weather is officially here! Arguably the only bonus of those colder temperatures comes cozy pajama season. Maybe your family has a tradition of wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve or enjoys waking up early Christmas morning to unwrap gifts in your coziest 'fit. Whatever the case, your four-legged family member deserves a pair of dog Christmas pajamas, too!

While some double-coated or fluffy dogs like Alaskan malamutes or Great Pyrenees might be built for the cold weather, others might need an extra layer to keep them warm. Even curled up inside on the couch, short-haired dogs like greyhounds and Chihuahuas might need something to keep them from shivering when the weather outside is frightful. Cold tolerance might also be affected by age and health conditions. For example, a young puppy or a geriatric dog might have a harder time regulating their body temperature as well as a pup diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes. Whatever the case, a pair of pajamas might be the perfect layer to keep your canine warm and looking doggone cute!

Like any clothing or apparel for dogs, don't force your pup to wear anything he isn't comfortable with. If pajamas just aren't his style, no worries—a festive collar or bandana might be a better choice to keep them happy but still in the holiday spirit.

For pooches who do appreciate a good fashion statement, there are dog Christmas pajamas in all prints and sizes. Shop for your pup's new jammies from our list of favorites, below.

18 Dog Christmas Pajamas That Are Equal Parts Adorable and Cozy

Dog wearing Holiday Greetings Fleece PJs
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

1 Holiday Greetings Fleece PJs

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These classic holiday "paw-jamas" feature all the traditional Christmas symbols–Christmas trees, gingerbread men, Santa Claus, and snowflakes. The colorful print will show off your pup's personality and the fleece material will keep him cozy and warm when the temperatures drop.

Shop now: FRISCO Holiday Greetings Fleece PJs, $15;

Dog wearing Holiday Ho Ho Ho Pet Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Petsmart

2 Holiday Ho Ho Ho Pet Pajamas

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Everyone remembers their favorite pair of footie Christmas pajamas growing up, and now your pup can have their very own pair. These soft PJs feature the classic holiday greeting and come in a lighter material, perfect for curling up next to the fireplace.

Shop now: Merry and Bright Holiday Ho Ho Ho Pet Pajamas, $10;

Dog wearing Drive My Glazy Donut Pet Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

3 Drive My Glazy Donut Pet Pajamas

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While your pup might not get to take part in donut-eating, he can still wear the sweet treat in these festive donut-print pet pajamas! This adorable option comes in sizes XS to XXL, so dogs of all shapes and sizes can showcase their sugary sweet personalities.

Shop now: Merry Makings Drive My Glazy Donut Pet Pajamas, $8;

Family wearing Christmas Lights Matching Family Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

4 Christmas Lights Matching Family Pajamas

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These matching Christmas pajamas will make your entire family glow! Featuring a colorful Christmas string light print, these pajamas come in sizes for human adults, kids, and pets. I think we may have found your Christmas card outfit!

Shop now: PajamaGram Christmas Lights Matching Family Pajamas, $19;

Christmas Reindeer Pet Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

5 Christmas Reindeer Pet Pajamas

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Dress your pup up as Santa's sidekicks with these plush reindeer pet pajamas, complete with a hood, antlers, and a bowtie! The soft, thick material is perfect for dogs with short hair. The seller recommends sizing up, as these jammies don't stretch like some others!

Shop now: KYEESE Christmas Reindeer Pet Pajamas, starting at $18;

Dog wearing Holiday Gnomes Pet Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Target

6 Holiday Gnomes Pet Pajamas

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Gnomes seemingly have escaped the gardens and are everywhere this year—Christmas decorations, printed on home goods, and now even on your pet's new jammies! The cheerful little elf-like creatures cover these stretchy footie pajamas and are perfect for all your Christmas festivities.

Shop now: Wondershop Holiday Gnomes Pet Pajamas, $9;

Dog wearing Santa’s Little Helper Pet Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

7 Santa's Little Helper Pet Pajamas

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Fitwarm pet onesies are some of the best on the market, and these are no different. The soft velvet jumpsuit reads "Santa's Little Helper" and would be an adorable gift for a new puppy (even if they spend more time ripping up the wrapping paper than helping). Keep in mind, Fitwarm jammies aren't meant for larger dogs, so take a look at the sizing chart before ordering!

Shop now: Fitwarm Santa's Little Helper Pet Pajamas, starting at $15;

Dog wearing Personalized Buffalo Plaid Pet Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

8 Personalized Pet Pajamas

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Everyone loves a personalized gift. These adorable Christmas onesie pajamas for small dogs can come customized with the pup's name on the faux button-flap, making it the cutest personalized gift for your pup to "unwrap" on Christmas morning.

Shop now: Personalized Pet Pajamas, $24;

Dog wearing Star Wars Gingerbread Cookie Pet Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

9 Star Wars Gingerbread Cookie Pet Pajamas

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In a galaxy far, far away, there is the perfect pair of Christmas pajamas for your Jedi-loving dog. These adorable pajamas feature popular Star Wars characters as gingerbread cookies, combining two of our favorite things!

Shop now: Star Wars Gingerbread Cookie Pet Pajamas, $17;

Dog wearing a Green Plaid Pet Robe
Credit: Courtesy of Petsmart

10 Green Plaid Pet Robe

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If you've never considered the fact that your dog might need a cozy bathrobe, then cast your eyes upon this adorable frock. This green plaid "robe" comes complete with a tie around the waist so your pup will be snug as a bug on Christmas morning.

Shop now: Merry & Bright Green Plaid Pet Robe, $13;

Dog wearing Red Buffalo Checkered Pet Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Petsmart

11 Red Buffalo Checkered Pet Pajamas

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There is nothing more classic than a pair of red buffalo check pajamas for Christmastime. These soft and comfortable pajamas are easy to put on a fan favorite amongst reviewers. Grab yourself a matching pair of buffalo plaid pants and you'll be the most stylish pair this holiday.

Shop now: Merry & Bright Red Buffalo Checkered Pet Pajamas, $13;

Dog wearing a Dog PJ One-Piece
Credit: Courtesy of Gap

12 Dog PJ One-Piece

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If a onesie isn't quite your pup's style, this simple plaid sleep shirt is the perfect alternative for festive jammies. Fido will embrace his inner lumberjack in this collared shirt, which comes in both red and green.

Shop now: Gap Dog PJ One-Piece, $40;

Naughty List Pet Onesie
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

13 Naughty List Pet Onesie

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This cheeky onesie is perfect for the "naughty" dogs out there who still have an in with the big guy in the red suit. Fitted for puppies and smaller breeds, these breathable thermal pajamas are warm enough to keep your pup toasty, but not bulky.

Shop now: Fitwarm Naughty List Pet Onesie, $18;

Snowman Pet Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

14 Snowman Pet Pajamas

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This cotton option is a lighter material than some of the others, so your pup can comfortably lay by the fireplace without overheating. The classic snowman print will make everyone smile on Christmas morning.

Shop now: Lanyarco Snowman Pet Pajamas, $15;

Dog wearing Mickey Mouse Pet Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

15 Mickey Mouse Pet Pajamas

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Disney fans, make your pup's Christmas magical with these pajamas! At first glance, these jammies might look like any other holiday print, but if you look closer you can see that there are lots of hidden Mickeys throughout the boughs of holly.

Shop now: Disney Mickey Mouse Pet Pajamas, $17;

Dog wearing Waffle-Knit Dog Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

16 Waffle-Knit Dog Pajamas

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Looking for a more fashionable option for Fido? These waffle-knit dog pajamas are the chic aprés ski outfit your pup never knew she needed. The tight fit has a hole for the tail and space for your dog to use the bathroom. Another hint? Reviewers recommend these as an option for pups to wear after surgery to keep them from licking their stitches. Fashionable and functional.

Shop now: Tony Hoby Waffle-Knit Dog Pajamas, $16;

Dog wearing Flannel Dog Pajamas
Credit: Courtesy of Target

17 Flannel Dog Pajamas

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The tartan plaid print is almost as timeless as the buffalo plaid. These pet pajamas might be simple but they are the perfect cozy jammies for your pup to wear all winter long, not just during the week of Christmas.

Shop now: Wondershop Flannel Dog Pajamas, $9;

Dog wearing a Dog Flannel Sleep Shirt
Credit: Courtesy of Lands' End

18 Dog Flannel Sleep Shirt

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Let's be real, your dog is the real gift. This present-printed sleep shirt is another great option for dogs who might not like clothing on their hind legs. Featuring a collar with a white trim, your pup will be the most dapper dog in dreamland!

Shop now: Lands' End Dog Flannel Sleep Shirt, $21;