front and back of a dog collar light
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

This Dog Collar Light Will Keep You and Your Dog Safe on Dark Winter Walks

Not only does this light keep you and your dog safe—but it turns every walk into a disco party.
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All dog owners understand the struggle of walking their pups in the winter. It's cold, slippery, and pitch dark by 4:30. When that time of night rolls around and Fido is ready for his evening walk, the sun is nowhere to be found. Your canine pal (and you) still needs their exercise, but it can be unsafe to take them out at night. However, there are ways to make dark walks safer for you and your dog, and you won't need to sacrifice those winter walks after all. 

Behold the Nite Ize Spotlit XL Rechargeable Dog Collar Light, available on Chewy for $16. This clip-on collar light is a must-have for dog owners, keeping you and your pup safe when embarking on your nightly walk. 

The Spotlit is easy to use, simply clipping onto collars and harnesses with a carabiner clip. The light has four color modes to choose from—red, green, white, and blue. It also has a "Disc-O" mode, where the light alternates between all four colors, making your pooch even more visible to passing cars. Thanks to its extra large size, the light is super bright and works on even the largest of dogs.

Even though the dog in the TikTok is wearing a reflective harness, it isn't enough to make them visible to cars. Once the Spotlit is on and in Disc-O mode, the pup is lit up and ready to go on a fun and safe evening stroll. 

One Chewy reviewer claims it's the "best rechargeable clip light on the market." They even say the light is so bright they "can see [their] husky and [their] son running across the field a quarter of a mile away." 

The light is rechargeable with a micro-USB cable, which is not included with the light. The light charges in only 1.5 hours, and lasts for 10 hours. 

Like in the TikTok, it's important to not only keep your dog visible but you as well. Wearing some sort of light-up necklace will provide an added layer of protection for you and your pooch.