Retriever wears winter hat with tassels
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

10 of the Cutest Winter Hats for Dogs

Cute, cozy, and functional.
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A winter hat for your dog might seem like a silly and unnecessary thing, but some dogs may actually benefit from bundling up for cold winter days, just like humans.

Many dogs can't—and shouldn't—spend too much time outside when it's cold, unless they are a cold-weather breed. Dogs can get hypothermia and frostbite, and the dry air affects them as well. Before heading out for a winter walk or romp in the snow, make sure your dog is bundled in gear appropriate for them, including a coat, booties or socks, and a hat.

Before ordering a hat for your dog, make sure to measure their head and neck so you get the right size. Many of our options below offer sizing guidelines, so follow those to get the most accurate sizing. We've selected 10 of the cutest and most functional winter hats made just for dogs below.

frisco cable knit dog hat
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Frisco Cable Knit Dog Knitted Hat

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This cable knit hat is very ski-lodge chic while also being slightly reminiscent of your laid-back college roommate. Either way, it's adorable. The straps on this hat are purely decorative as it has a hidden strap with an adjustable toggle to keep the hat in place. The hat also features two ear holes for comfort. 

Shop now: Frisco Cable Knit Dog Knitted Hat, $8;

zoo snoods dog hat
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Zoo Snoods Panda Neck and Ear Warmer

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This adorable panda dog neck and ear warmer will make your dog the hit of the neighborhood (if they aren't already). This hat comes in small, medium, and large sizes, plus the brand offers other animal-inspired designs in case the panda look isn't for your pup.

Shop now: Zoo Snoods Panda Neck and Ear Warmer, $25;

leconpet dog aviator hat
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Leconpet Dog Aviator Hat

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Reminiscent of Snoopy's Red Baron look, this aviator-style hat is a fun addition to your pup's winter wardrobe. The faux leather is very durable, offering protection from wind, rain, and snow without water damage. One reviewer highlights the hat's usefulness in keeping their Chorkie's hair from blowing around during motorcycle rides (you have to see the photos). 

Shop now: Leconpet Dog Aviator Hat, $14;

frisco plaid dog knitted hat
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Frisco Plaid Dog Hat

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Red plaid is a classic look for winter and presents a fun opportunity for matching photo ops, too. Don't be fooled by the tassel-like straps—they're just for flair. This has an adjustable toggle to adjust to your dog's perfect size.

Shop now: Frisco Plaid Dog Hat, $8;

dog sherpa fleece dog hat
Credit: Courtesy of Target

The Worthy Dog Sherpa Fleece Lined Aviator Dog Hat

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This fleece-lined hat is ultra warm thanks to the two layers of fleece and comes in sizes XS-L in three different designs. It's also extremely adjustable—the brim can snap up, there's wraparound chin straps, and a fastener closure.

Shop now: The Worthy Dog Sherpa Fleece Lined Aviator Dog Hat, $21;

needy paws dog winter hat
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Polar Fleece Dog Winter Hat

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This cute option looks more like a hipster hoodie rather than a traditional hat. The polar fleece is nice and warm and will keep your dog comfortable on extra-cold walks. The toggle offers an adjustable fit, too. 

Shop now: Polar Fleece Dog Winter Hat, $14;

fleece snood for dogs
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Water Resistant Snood

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Think of this option like a soft-shell fleece—the inside is lined with the cozy material while the outside has a water-resistant liner. It secures with elastic, so it will stretch to your dog's head shape, and there's also a slit for collar and leash access.

Shop now: Water Resistant Snood, $28;

fleece dog hat with ears
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Fleece Cold Weather Dog Hat With Ears

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French bulldogs and other breeds with large ears may not enjoy the constricting feel of a hat, but options with ear cut-outs leave ears exposed to the elements. This option remedies that issue with the built-in ears (that also happen to be adorable). It's also designed to cover the sides of the face without obscuring vision.

Shop now: Fleece Cold Weather Dog Hat With Ears, $10;

dog hat pom pom
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Dog Hat with Pom Pom

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Short-haired toy breeds often need the warmth that a hat provides, but certain breeds may find getting the right fit a challenge—like the adorable Chihuahuas. This crocheted, hood-style hat is stretchy enough to fit unique dimensions and is available in three sizes, depending on your dog's neck measurement. 

Shop now: Dog Hat with Pom Pom, $18;

doberman dog hood
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Doberman Pinscher Dog Hood

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Made just for Dobermans, this fleece hood is roomy enough to fit over ears, yet secure enough to not slide on sleek fur. The hat is made from cozy fleece that's thick enough to provide warmth, and a leash opening gives access to the collar without having to pull up the hood so your dog's neck stays warm.

Shop now: Doberman Pinscher Dog Hood, $33;