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These Adorable Winter Coats Will Keep Your Dog Warm, Toasty, and Oh-So-Fashionable

Does your pup need a coat to keep warm this winter? These jackets will help them stay dry (and cute!) in cooler weather.
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When facing a rainy spring evening or a snowy morning in January, most dog owners will grab a coat for themselves before taking their pup outside to face the elements. It makes sense—everyone wants to protect themselves from being drenched in a downpour or shivering in frigid temperatures. But many of us fail to realize that the same mindset can be applied to our four-legged friends, too! Many breeds of pups need an extra protective layer to keep warm during bad weather. The best part? Dogs in coats are one of the best things to come out of that dreary winter weather, right up there with warm cocoa by the fireplace and cozy knit sweaters. Cold weather doesn't have to be all bad, right?!

Which Dogs Need Winter Coats? 

Let's get one thing out of the way—yes, many dogs have naturally dense coats of fur that are designed to protect against cold weather. But, not all pups are genetically gifted with thick coats to keep that winter chill away, and those pups may need a little fabricated fur during winter months. The AKC says that dogs with short hair, lean bodies, or bellies that brush the ground could all benefit from a winter dog coat. If you own one of the following breeds (especially in cold winter climates), consider investing in a dog jacket:

Choosing the Right Winter Dog Coat 

Each canine coat maker may have slightly different sizing specifications for winter dog jackets, so make sure you measure your pooch before making a purchase. Most of the time you'll need two measurements: the length of your dog from their neck to the beginning of their tail, and the circumference of their rib cage. You want to select a coat for your dog that's snug, but not too tight so that it doesn't restrict your dog's range-of-motion or circulation. 

You'll also need to consider the utility of the coat you plan to purchase for your pup. If you live in a snowy climate, you'll want a jacket that protects your dog's belly and legs. If you live in a perpetually rainy area, a lightweight, waterproof option might be better. For a carefree frolic in the snow or a splash through puddles, your dog should have a jacket that is as ready-to-go (and easy to wash!) as they are. From durable Carhartt coats to fashion-forward flannel vests, here are the best winter dog coats for every pup.

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Kuoser Reversible Plaid Dog Jacket

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We love this reversible, plaid dog jacket that offers style at an affordable price. This dog coat is best for fall evenings or lighter winter days because it is water-resistant rather than fully waterproof—but make no mistake, it's still an (adorable!) great-value coat. If the assortment of colors (ranging from pink to forest green) is not compelling enough, consider the fact that this lightweight flannel jacket has earned more than 12,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. 

One 5-star review of the Kuoser dog jacket says that even though their dog has long hair and doesn't usually get cold, that getting him dry during wet weather can be a pain. "The plaid side is cute for snowy days and the black, water-resistant side is excellent for rain or sleet," she writes.

Shop Now: Kuoser Reversible Plaid Dog Jacket, starting at $16; amazon.com

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The Carhartt Chore Coat for Dogs

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The Carhartt brand is synonymous with chore coats renowned for their durability and decades-long lifespan. Perhaps it's no surprise that the 100-year-old company's canvas line now includes an option for man's best friend: a dog coat made from firm-hand duck canvas with a quilted nylon lining. This canine chore coat's water-repellent exterior will keep your pup protected from wind and light rain, while the classic Carhartt canvas looks sleek in all settings. Plus, each chore coat comes with two pockets—perfect for carrying unused poop bags or a few dog treats

Shop Now: Carhartt Chore Coat, starting at $40; amazon.com

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Ruffwear Powder Hound Jacket

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The Ruffwear "Powder Hound" winter coat is a great option for dogs living in snow-zones. This coat is packed with polyester to create an insulated lining that will keep your pup comfortable throughout chilly months. We especially like that this jacket zips all the way around your dog to protect their legs and belly from icy elements, but the fabric is still stretchy enough for all-day canine comfort. 

One five-star Amazon reviewer in Alaska said this jacket helps her greyhound stay warm in the low temps. "This coat fits perfectly and helps him stay cozy. He doesn't get a thick coat of his own ... so I've tried many coats over the years. I'll stick with Ruffwear from now on."

Shop Now: Ruffwear Powder Hound Jacket, $90; amazon.com

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JoyDaog Fleece-Lined Dog Jacket

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With a starting price of only $19, it may be hard to keep yourself from buying every color of this fleece-lined puppy puffer. The JoyDaog keeps your dog snug with three snap-buttons that fasten under their stomach, and a small slit at the neck makes it possible to quickly attach a leash to their collar as you're rushing out the door. 

Shop Now: JoyDaog Fleece-Lined Dog Jacket, starting at $19, amazon.com

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Kurgo Reversible, Water-Resistant Dog Jacket

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Winter is all about layering, and your dog's wardrobe is no exception. This lightweight dog jacket works as a solo item or layered atop a warm sweater. We love this waterproof coat's versatility—not only is it lightweight enough to allow for layering, but each vest is reversible. The reflective colors on both sides are cute (offered in nine varieties) while making sure your dog stays safe in winter months

Shop Now: Kurgo Reversible, Water-Resistant Dog Jacket, $40; amazon.com

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Lands End Dog Solid Squall Jacket

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We love Lands End for their cozy human attire, but they also offer high-quality canine options. Their classic Squall Jacket is now reimagined for pooches with the same water-resistant, insulated nylon outer shell loved by humans. The interior is packed with warm, antistatic polyester fleece, held snug against your pup with easy-to-use Velcro straps. Lands End also offers customization for dog jackets, so you can add your pup's name for $8 more (if you purchase through their website).

Shop Now: Lands End Dog Solid Squall Jacket, $35; amazon.com

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PAWZ Road Dog Plaid Coat

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If your dog's hind legs shiver in cold weather, consider this super-soft winter coat for a little extra warmth. It fastens around your puppy's back legs and chest while still giving him plenty of space to play and go to the bathroom. There is a floppy coat hood that is a little more fashionable than functional, but it still offers extra neck warmth. We can attest that the buffalo plaid patterns are exceptionally cute—and at $15, it's one of our lowest-priced picks for a winter dog coat.

Shop Now: PAWZ Road Dog Plaid Coat, $15; amazon.com

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Weatherbeeta Comfitec Windbreaker

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This fleece-lined windbreaker from Weatherbeeta is easy to put on and will keep your dog shielded from chilly wind and light precipitation. Just slide it over your dog's head and attach it with velcro on the side. The windbreaker's sizable belly strap is designed to stay put despite windy gusts, and its behind-the-neck coverage offers extra protection from bad weather. We especially appreciate that this doggie windbreaker is completely machine washable, making it a perfect go-to jacket. 

Shop Now: Weatherbeeta Comfitec Windbreaker, $45; amazon.com

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ThinkPet Soft Touch Waterproof Jacket

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The most unique part of this dog winter coat is the elastic chest and stomach strap, which works well for growing pups (as well as dogs that need the jacket equivalent of stretchy pants—no judgment!). While flexibility is key to this jacket, it also boasts waterproof, windproof, and snowproof properties at an affordable price point. 

One reviewer with a half-Dachshund and half-Chihuahua mix noted, "They are adjustable on both sides of the belly as well as across the chest to close the neck. ... My dog's issue is she has an odd body shape with her two breeds so this is the best fitting option I have found outside of using a ThunderShirt."

Shop Now: ThinkPet Soft Touch Waterproof Jacket, starting at $32; amazon.com

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ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

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If your dog is skittish (or downright terrified) during storms, the ThunderShirt jacket may help ease their anxiety. The jacket wraps around your dog's torso and provides a reassuring pressure that is designed to keep them calm despite loud noises. This go-to doggie storm jacket transitions well from indoor-to-outdoor in case you need to calm your dog in the house or take your pup outside during a storm.

Shop Now: ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket, starting at $30; amazon.com

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HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho

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When it's raining cats and dogs, you'll wish you had this coat on hand. Especially if your pup already has a thick natural coat, a dog raincoat may be the best choice to keep them comfortable during chilly months. We like the HDE slicker poncho for its adorable patterns (ducks, anchors, whales, and umbrellas), its packability, and its waterproof properties. Secure this coat with a quick button snap and Velcro strip, and your pup will be enjoying the rain before you know it.

Shop Now: HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho, starting at $17; amazon.com


Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall Dog Coat

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If your dog's front and back legs get too cold outside, this overall dog coat will cover them from head to toe. These winter dog coats are a particularly good fit for pups like greyhounds and whippets, who can struggle in cold weather because of their low body fat. One five-star reviewer said the full-coverage coats are warming without causing too much constraint. "This coat is extremely well made, it keeps my dogs warm without being bulky. The dogs were even able to run in them, which is crucial for whippets specifically."

Shop Now: Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall Dog Coat, starting at $80; amazon.com

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ThinkPet Warm Reversible Dog Coat

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A quilted vest is a quintessential winter item, and this ThinkPet reversible dog jacket will ensure your pooch meets the moment. This quilted fabric wraps around your dog's stomach for a cozy fit, while a chic collar offers extra warmth where it counts. It also comes in an assortment of holiday colors, including red, green, and blue.

Shop Now: ThinkPet Warm Reversible Dog Coat, starting at $23; amazon.com

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Weatherbeeta Comfitec Reflective Parka

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A waterproof puppy parka from Weatherbeeta is a solid investment if you need a coat that will provide full coverage to your dog's chest and sides throughout the winter. This option covers their hindquarters better than many on the market, while still leaving their legs free to roam. It comes in two bold, reflective colors (bright orange and yellow) that make it a great options for night walks or hikes where hi-vis colors are a must-have for safety.

Shop Now: Weatherbeeta Comfitec Reflective Parka, starting at $47; amazon.com

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Ruffwear Wind Sprinter Windbreaker

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The Ruffwear "Wind Sprinter" is a great on-the-go dog jacket when you're not certain if the weather might take a turn for the worse. It is completely packable, so you can zip the fabric into its own pouch and toss it into a backpack in case your dog needs a jacket later. The light fabric blocks wind while deterring rain, and it comes with a convertible storm collar that can be pulled up so your dog's neck doesn't get wet.

Shop Now: Ruffwear Wind Sprinter Windbreaker, $50; amazon.com

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Gooby Padded Dog Vest for Small Dogs

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Searching for the perfect puffy vest for your pup? While the Gooby vest is only made for small dogs (we're talking 15-inches at the longest—sorry, greyhounds), it is a great pick for miniature or toy-sized dogs who struggle in cold weather. This machine-washable vest zips along the back, a bonus if you struggle to get your dog to cooperate with front-snaps, and it's lined with warm fleece.

Shop Now: Gooby Padded Dog Vest for Small Dogs, starting at $33; amazon.com

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IREENUO Reversible Warm Dog Tartan Coat

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This dog coat is cozy and oh-so-cute with its classic tartan pattern. The cotton-lined reversible fabric will keep your pup cozy during Autumn evenings as well as make them a competitive candidate for the "Best Dressed" on the block. We also appreciate the elastic stomach band, which gives a little wiggle room when it's time to strap your pup in for a post-dinner walk.

Shop Now: IREENUO Reversible Warm Dog Tartan Coat, starting at $20; amazon.com