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17 Adorable-Yet-Functional Dog Socks to Keep Paws Warm (and Floors Safe)

Get a grip! These adorable no-skid dog socks and booties will help your pup find their footing.
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If your dog slips and slides across hardwood floors (or icy sidewalks), it may be time to look at getting them non-slip socks. While they might look silly at first, these warm booties can help your dog get traction on slick surfaces while protecting your floors from nail scratches—a win-win. Older dogs in particular can benefit from gripping dog socks if they experience hip problems or have dry paw pads, which can add difficulty to walking on tile or hardwood floors. 

Thankfully, dog socks come in a wide range of styles to meet the needs of every pup, and you can rest assured that each pair of socks are low-cost but high-value. We have collected the coziest, cutest, and most-functional socks for every dog to wear year-round, all for $35 or less. While most of these socks are designed for indoor use, there are a few waterproof options that could transition to the outdoors. Peruse our 17 favorite dog socks, ranging from playful animal prints to tuxedo socks that will make you smile as much as your pup.

How to Measure Your Dog's Paws

It's important to know your dog's paw measurements before you begin shopping for non-slip dog socks. Each company sizes a little differently, and the key to a successful sock starts with ordering the right set. We recommend having your dog sit, then sliding a piece of paper underneath their paw. Use a pencil to mark the width of their paw at its widest point as well as the length of their paw. You may want to measure the front and back paws to ensure there isn't a significant difference (otherwise one set will likely slip off). Most companies will include these measurements for their dog grip socks, so you can find the perfect fit. 

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RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks

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These anti-slip dog socks come in adorable puppy patterns—including sock monkeys, lace-up sneakers, panda print, and pink Mary Janes. They are designed to fit paw sizes ranging from Chihuahuas to German shepherds, and the gripping paw print at the bottom offers non-slip support. Each four-sock set is machine washable and designed for indoor-to-outdoor use.

One five-star reviewer noted, "We have wood laminate floors and our large, clumsy German shepherd gets excited and slides all over the place, often injuring his back legs and hips. I honestly didn't think these socks would help or that he would keep them on. But I was wrong! These socks prevent him from sliding around and hurting himself. I'm ordering additional pairs."

Shop Now: RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks, $10;

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PAWCHIE Dog Socks with Anti-Slip Strap

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This four-sock set offers a multitude of anti-slip properties. The sets have multiple pieces of paw-shaped silicone on the top and bottom to help your dog grip the floor even if the socks get turned around. The socks have a special elastic to prevent them from falling down as well as a Velcro strap to keep the sock snug at the top. 

"Our 14-year-old German shepherd has hip dysplasia and arthritis and it is getting worse as she gets older. … Unfortunately we have tile all over our house and it has been getting harder and harder for her to get up and walk. We ordered these and they are amazing!!! She walks like a champ and doesn't have a hard time getting up anymore!"

Shop Now: PAWCHIE Dog Socks with Anti-Slip Strap, starting at $16;

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HOMEREIGN Anti-Slip Knitted Cotton Dog Socks

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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's superpup! This no-slip sock set is for every pet owner who knows their dog is a true superhero. We obviously love the Superman-inspired socks, but this pack comes with four sets of four adorable socks, so there are plenty of patterns to appreciate. If you want to test whether your dog will tolerate stockings, this is a value set worth trying. 

Shop Now: HOMEREIGN Anti-Slip Knitted Cotton Dog Socks, $14;

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Harfkoko Anti-Slip Knit Dog Socks

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Keep your pup's paws snug with these everyday grays. These two-toned dog socks have a silicone paw pad on the bottom and a mid-sock elastic to prevent it from slipping down your dog's leg. These black-and-gray Harfkoko stockings are an ideal indoor choice to protect your furniture, carpet, and floors from nail scratches. 

Shop Now: Harfkoko Anti-Slip Knit Dog Socks, starting at $13;

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Lanboer 4 Pieces Anti-Slip Knit Dog Socks

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Introducing the most dapper dog socks for every fancy occasion. From jaguar print to red plaid (and even tuxedo-style for a really dapper doggo), these adorable four-piece dog socks will make your pup the star of every event. Silicone gripping dots along the bottom form a paw print to help them stay upright, while a thick ankle elastic is designed to keep your pet from becoming a Cinderella canine.

Shop Now: Lanboer 4 Pieces Anti-Slip Knit Dog Socks, starting at $12;

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Frisco Non-Skid Dog Socks in Plaid

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Dress your dog in classic black-and-red plaid socks for a stylish yet functional fit. Tiny non-skid dots line the top and bottom of the socks, meaning they help your dog maintain grip even if the fabric shifts. This set of four has an attached Velcro strap and ankle elastic for extra stay-up support.

Shop Now: Frisco Non-Skid Dog Socks in Plaid, $7;

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KOOLTAIL Waterproof Anti-Slip Dog Socks

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These waterproof, rubber-dipped dog socks can accompany your pet on adventures indoors and outdoors. Rather than relying on silicone grippers, the rubber bottom of these socks provides water-resistant traction in all settings. These black-and-white dog socks include snap-and-remove Velcro straps for extra snugness, which Amazon reviewers describe as a game-changer.

"These have been a lifesaver for my older pup. She was struggling to stay standing on our tile floors... and ended up hurting her back because she was trying so hard to keep her back legs underneath her. But now we have these. We call them her sockies and she really loves them. She galloped away like a little pony when we first put them on. And she tends to keep them on easily. The Velcro strap definitely helps."

Shop Now: KOOLTAIL Waterproof Anti-Slip Dog Socks, starting at $21;

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WINSOON Dog Australia Anti-Slip Boots

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These lookalike booties might make you say "Ugg" simply because they will look so cute on your pet. This fashionable canine footwear is made of faux-leather that comes in hot pink, light brown, dark brown, and black. The rubber-bottomed dog shoes will help your dog transition effortlessly from indoors to outdoors, and a Velcro strap across the top will keep them secure on every surface from tile to sidewalk. 

Shop Now: WINSOON Dog Australia Anti-Slip Boots, $14;

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EXPAWLORER Anti-Slip Dog Socks for Indoor Wear

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These anti-slip dog socks are sensible and cozy. They come in a red-black combo and a classic black-gray set, perfect for lounging around the house without worry that your pet's paws will scratch furniture or flooring. One five-star Amazon reviewer noted, "We have purchased shoes for her before that don't stay on at all so we didn't have high hopes. These socks are a completely different story, though! She isn't bothered by them at all; they stay on perfectly; the non-slip decal on the pads help her keep from slipping."

Shop Now: EXPAWLORER Anti-Slip Dog Socks, $14;

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YAODHAOD Anti-Slip Dog Shoes for Small Dogs

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If your small pup will outsmart Velcro, consider these drawstring dog shoes. They are offered in a full rainbow of colors, but the champagne-hued set with tiny paw prints is among our favorites. Keep in mind that this set is truly designed for the smallest of dogs: the largest size is made for miniature schnauzers or papillons

Shop Now: YAODHAOD Anti-Slip Dog Shoes, $11;

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HiPaw Summer Breathable Dog Paw Protectors for Medium and Large Dogs

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Dog grip socks are an all-year need, and this set is perfect for warm summer months. These soft booties are designed with a breathable mesh material to avoid overheating while a wraparound Velcro ankle strap keeps them in place. The only downside: They are designed with medium and large dogs in mind (any pups with paws smaller than two-inches across won't fit). 

Shop Now: HiPaw Summer Breathable Dog Paw Protectors, $16;

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URBEST Dog Socks for Small Dogs

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These cotton dog socks come in three bold colors: red, blue, and black. They are designed for small dogs, so precise paw measurements are important with this set of four socks. They have rubber, waterproof soles to prevent your pup from getting wet, and we love the smiling animal face peeking out from the no-slip Velcro strip. 

Shop Now: URBEST Dog Socks with Non-Slip Soles, starting at $8;

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Pet Life Extreme Skater Sneakers

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Grab your Converse and get ready to match your canine! These stylish dog "skater sneakers" lace up just like human shoes—a departure from other no-slip dog shoes that rely on Velcro or elastic. The pink polka dot pattern is reason enough to love them, but we also appreciate the textured rubber tread that keeps paws in place across hardwood floors. Keep in mind: they are designed for small and medium dogs (any pups with paws larger than two inches across won't fit).

Shop Now: Pet Life Extreme Skater Sneakers, $22;

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Mihachi Dog Socks with Rubber Soles

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These rubber-dipped dog socks are taller than most, making them ideal for medium-to-large sized dogs. The rubber surrounds your dog's paws, allowing them to twist-and-turn while maintaining a solid grip—a huge bonus in dog socks. We also love the timeless style of these cotton-nylon blends: gray, black, and red with a snap-on Velcro strap. 

Shop Now: Mihachi Dog Socks, $20;

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Canine Footwear Sock Suspenders

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These sock suspenders are an innovative idea if your dog absolutely refuses to keep their stockings on. Suspender clips attach to your choice of dog grip socks, and the company promises they are "guaranteed to stay on." This might not be the most fashionable item on our list, but these sock suspenders might be a good fit for pet parents who need a little help keeping paws covered, especially after surgery. 

Shop Now: Canine Footwear Suspenders for Snug Boots, $29;

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Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

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We love the foam padding that lines the Ultra Paws durable dog boots, which are sure to keep your dog comfortable while their shoes stay in place. These "light duty" booties offer a clean design as well as a double-Velcro closure for extra security. The set of four is offered in sleek black or bold red.

Shop Now: Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots, $35;

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Healers Urban Walker Dog Boots

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This pair of bright dog socks boasts breathability, waterproof, and gripping elements. Its non-slip binding wraps all the way around your dog's paw to prevent twisting and provide even pressure. The textured bottom makes these non-slip dog socks a fit for hardwood floors, tile, docks, or slippery sidewalks. Note: These dog booties only come with two, so you'll need to order an extra set to cover front and back paws.

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