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18 Christmas Outfits That Will Make Your Dog Look Paws-itively Jolly

Let your dog join in on the holiday spirit with these Christmas outfits, dresses, costumes, and pajamas.
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As dog owners, we never pass up an opportunity to make our pets look as adorable as possible. With Christmas right around the corner, pet parents can dress their pup up in the most festive of outfits. There are buffalo plaid shirts for that rustic cabin vibe, cozy Fair Isle sweaters for a traditional winter look, or even tulle-accented dresses to add a splash of sparkle to your pup's party attire. And lots of lots of red and green, of course!

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Once you take a look at all of these Christmas clothes for dogs we've picked out, you won't be able to stop yourself from ordering one (or potentially a few!) for your pet. After all, they'll need a fancy outfit for your holiday card photo and something more comfortable to wear on Christmas morning. So whether you're looking for a formal dress, some matching pajamas, or even an outfit that makes your dog look like a reindeer (yes, that exists), we guarantee you'll find the perfect Christmas look for your pup this holiday season.

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Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Reindeer Christmas Dog Outfit

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We can't decide what the cutest part of this outfit is: the snowflake sweater pattern, the faux fur-lined hood, or the reindeer antlers. On second thought, it's definitely the antlers. Available in six sizes, this festive look is great for dogs with thicker coats because it's actually lightweight.

Shop now: Reindeer Christmas Dog Outfit, $30;

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Dog Christmas Sweater with Teddy Bears

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Turn your pup into the snazziest-looking pooch on the block this season with this button-up dog sweater featuring teddy bears with Santa hats. Put this soft sweater on your pet and snap a photo because everyone on your Instagram feed needs to see how dapper they look!

Shop now: Dog Christmas Sweater with Teddy Bears, $35;

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Dog's First Christmas Outfit

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If this is the first Christmas your dog will be spending in your house, commemorate the special holiday with this personalized shirt. Available in 14 colors and 10 sizes, you'll be able to customize the perfect look and fit whether you're shopping for a Pomeranian or a Bernese mountain dog.

Shop now: Dog's First Christmas Outfit, $28;

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Buffalo Plaid Dog Dress

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Get ready for your heart to break due to how cute your dog looks in this buffalo plaid dress, complete with a gold bow. Place your dog front and center for your Christmas family photo because they deserve all the attention, especially when they clean up this nice!

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Personalized Christmas Dog Shirt or Dress

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This embroidered outfit featuring three adorable Christmas trees can be ordered as a shirt or a dress, and many reviewers have pointed out how high-quality it looks in person. This festive look is designed for smaller dogs, so make sure you're measuring your pup before placing your order to get the right size.

Shop now: Personalized Christmas Dog or Dress, $20;

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Red Christmas Dog Tutu

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There's just something about seeing a dog in a tutu that can instantly brighten anyone's day. The elastic band on this tulle skirt is snug yet comfortable so it'll stay on even as they leap and prance around like they're starring in a canine version of The Nutcracker. 

Shop now: Red Christmas Dog Tutu, starting at $13;

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Christmas Dog Pajamas

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Cozy festive pajamas are a must on Christmas morning, and you can't leave out your dog! Our only wish is that they made these in human sizes for the whole family, too. Either way, no matter what the rest of the fam rocks the morning of, every pet parent will be racing to upload your snaps of this outfit to share with out-of-town relatives on Instagram.

Shop now: Christmas Dog Pajamas, starting at $11;


Funny Christmas Holiday Dog Shirt

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Available in five equally hilarious designs, these holiday shirts are sure to capture the mischievous energy that might have placed your dog on the naughty list this year. We're personally partial to the "Sorry Santa! I ate your cookies!" design. (Just be sure your pup doesn't actually eat the cookies, since both chocolate and raisins are toxic for dogs!)

Shop now: Funny Christmas Holiday Dog Shirt, starting at $15;

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Dog Reindeer Holiday Pet Sweater

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A dog. In a turtleneck. That's it, take all my money. Humans shouldn't be the only one to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a sweater, so wrap your dog up in this red sweater featuring snowflakes and reindeer and cuddle up with them by the fire.

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Christmas Sweater Dress with Hearts

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This one is a much more subtle Christmas look, but don't worry: your dog is still guaranteed to get compliments when they're wearing this sweet-looking sweater dress. It's especially great for small dogs who tend to get cold in the winter thanks to the thick material.

Shop now: Christmas Sweater Dress with Hearts, $15,


Bow-Knot Christmas Dog Dress

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A velvet top, a plaid skirt, a bow with a sequined heart...what festive fabric doesn't this Christmas dog dress have?! Spoil your dog with this extra-special holiday dress that will make all the other dogs in the neighborhood green with envy.

Shop now: Bow-Knot Christmas Dog Dress, $8;

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Mrs. Claus Is Coming Red Dog Costume

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Santa Claus tends to get all the love during Christmas, but let's not forget Mrs. Claus! Spruce your good girl up in this festive costume with white faux fur lining the top and bottom. It features a hook-and-loop closure so you can slip this Mrs. Claus dress on them without any trouble.

Shop Now: Mrs. Claus Is Coming Red Dog Costume, starting at $20;

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Frisco Moose Fair Isle Dog & Cat Sweater

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This outfit will make your dog look like they're on a fabulous vacation at a cabin in the snowy mountains. Even if you're just staying home this holiday season, your dog will look and feel extra cozy in this sweater as they tear open their presents on Christmas morning.

Shop now: Frisco Moose Fair Isle Dog & Cat Sweater, starting at $14,

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Holiday Elf Stretch Dog Pajamas

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Dress your dog up like Santa's little helper with the help of these stretchy elf pajamas. Even if all your pup does to help on Christmas is clean up dropped food underneath the dinner table, they still deserve to look and feel extra special as they celebrate the holidays with the family.

Shop now: Holiday Elf Stretch Dog Pajamas, $10;


Santa 'I Believe' Flip Sequin Holiday Dog Sweatshirt

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If your dog is worried that there won't be presents for them under the tree this Christmas, they can send Santa a not-so-subtle message with this outfit. We love the sweatshirt material of this look and the slit in the back to slip their leash through. It's a great way to keep them warm as you take them on walks throughout December.

Shop now: Santa 'I Believe' Flip Sequin Holiday Dog Sweatshirt, $10;

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Elf/Holiday Gnome Dog Costume

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Warning: you might find yourself crying from laughter when you place this holiday gnome outfit on your dog. The pointy hat and the white beard truly take this costume to the next level, and even if you can only get this on your dog for a few minutes, it's worth the pictures you'll get.

Shop now: Elf/Holiday Gnome Dog Costume, $13;

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Frisco Striped Christmas Tree Dog Christmas Sweater

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Reviewers say that this striped christmas sweater feels as high-quality as a human's sweater, and it's extra stretchy so it won't limit your dog's movement. And at such an affordable price, you might as well buy two so your pup can continue to be in the holiday spirit while the other one is in the wash.

Shop Now: Frisco Striped Christmas Tree Dog Christmas Sweater, $14;

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Holiday Tails First Snowflake Blue Dog Pajamas

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If your dog wants to stay up all night long waiting for Santa to come down the chimney, these fleece dog pajamas featuring a snowflake design and a hood will keep them nice and toasty. Don't forget to complete the look by getting a matching set of jammies for yourself!

Shop now: Holiday Tails First Snowflake Blue Dog Pajamas, $15,