Black and white shepherd sits in dog swimming pool
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Get Ready for Fun in the Sun with the 9 Best Dog Pools for Your Pooch

These picks are perfect for the pups who love to splash and play on hot days.
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With hot weather upon us, staying cool is paramount to having fun in the sun. But not all pups are keen to just lay in the shade. Keeping your pup active and entertained outdoors on those super hot days is near impossible—and sometimes just not possible when temps are too high.

One way to help your pooch stay cool (and have a blast while doing it) is by filling up a dog pool and letting them splash around to relieve the heat. Just like kids have their own kiddie pools, dogs can have their very own doggy swimming pools. The difference is almost nil, except dog swimming pools tend to be puncture-proof and have low enough sides that they can easily step in and out. When I bought a foldable dog swimming pool for my two pups last year, they went NUTS! They loved getting to splash, play, and jump in the water (not to mention it was like having a giant water bowl outside). I have to say, letting them play outdoors without feeling so dang hot was a relief for me all summer long, too.

Before you pony up for a doggie swimming pool, keep in mind that not all pet pools are created equal. Many pools differ in size—some are for small pups, while others are more suitable for large dogs. Be sure to check out the quality of the material to ensure your fur baby's pet pool won't easily pop or leak, and will be easy to clean when they're all done with their fun in the sun. We searched high and low to find the best pet pool in every category, so you can figure out which dog pool suits your pooch the best. Get ready for lots of summer fun!

The Best Dog Pools

Jasonwell foldable dog pool
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Best Overall: Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool

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This dog pool is collapsible and folds up into a little square, which makes it super easy to store during the winter or take with you on travels. It comes in four different colors and sizes, has a max water fill line, and a drainage hole. And it's made from durable PVC material with thick walls and reinforced edges. It also comes in five different sizes—perfect for little swimmers or for your and your pooch to splash around in together!

Shop Now: Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool, $39;

Alcott inflatable dog pool
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Best Inflatable: Alcott Inflatable Dog Pool

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This dog pool is inflatable and boasts a 4-foot diameter. It only comes in one size, but it's plenty big for any dog. When deflated, it only weighs 3.75 pounds and is small for easy storage. It's made from a thick PVC material, and the walls will dip as needed for your pup to get in and out easily, which could be helpful for older dogs who can't jump in and out.

Shop Now: Alcott Inflatable Dog Pool, $40;

Intex easy pool set
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Best for Large Dogs: Intex Easy Pool Set

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This is not your standard dog pool! The INTEX Easy Set comes in four sizes from 8 feet all the way to 18 feet in diameter... and is a pool you and your pooch can actually play in together! It comes with a filter pump and reviewers say it's easy to set up, as long as you're on flat, level ground. Just place it in the spot where you want it (remember: not on an incline!), inflate the ring, and then fill the pool with water. 

Shop Now: Intex Easy Pool Set, $280;

Kopeks outdoor portable rectangular dog swimming pool
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Best Rectangular: KOPEKS Portable Rectangular Dog Pool

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Most dog pools you'll find are circular. But if you're looking for a rectangular option to fit into your garden design on on a patio, this is the one for you. The KOPEKS pool comes in three different sizes, and is made with heavy-duty durable PVC material/ Reviewers say it folds up easily when not in use, making this a nice option if you want to take it with you or pack it away when not in use. The easy-to-open drain on the bottom means it's simple to empty out afterward, too!

Shop Now: KOPEKS Portable Rectangular Dog Pool, starting at $38;

Alvantor pet swimming pool
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Best Pop-Up: Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool

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The Alvantor pet swimming pool doesn't require inflation, and it still folds flat for storage. But the nice part about this one is that the walls of the pool quickly and easily pop up into place once you unfold it. This makes set up a breeze when you're trying to fill it with water. 

Shop Now: Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool, starting at $44;

Morpilot dog sprinkler splash pad
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Best Sprinkler: Morpilot Sprinkler Dog Pool

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This dog pool is one of my favorites. It's 51 inches in diameter, is made from thickened PVC material, and has a hose connection spot on the side of the water pool pad. The pool itself is pretty shallow, but it has sprinkler holes that shoot up and over the pool pad. Your dog (and you!) is sure to stay cool and have tons of fun with this unique pet pool.

Shop Now: Morpilot Sprinkler Dog Pool, $23;

Frisco outdoor dog swimming pool
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Best Printed: Frisco Outdoor Flamingo Dog Swimming Pool

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Half the fun of having a doggie swimming pool is the fun photos you'll take of your pooch playing in it! This flamingo-patterned pool adds an extra touch of summer fun to your dog's swimming adventures, not to mention it's simple to unfold and fill up, requires no inflation, and comes in three sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your pet. So cute!

Shop now: Frisco Outdoor Flamingo Dog Swimming Pool, starting at $30;

pink plastic polygroup dog pool
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Best Budget: Polygroup Wading Pet Pool

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Honestly, we love the features on the other dog pools that made the list, but if your pooch is just looking for a spot to splash in, this basic option from PetSmart will do the trick in a pinch. And ringing up at just under ten bucks makes this is a steal for the amount of fun they'll have in it. Just remember that the slick plastic floor might not be the best for rambunctious pups who like to run and play. Try adding some grip stickers to the bottom if slippage becomes an issue.

Shop Now: Polygroup Wading Pet Pool, $10;

BLue paw dog pool
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Most Adorable Shape: Paw Pool

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This paw-shaped option is certainly a splurge, but if you're on the hunt for a cute pet pool that will look as adorable as it is fun, this is your best bet. The pool is made from the same lining material found in the bed of a pickup truck, so it's super durable. When filled to the top, it holds 20 gallons of water. And if the paw isn't your pup's cup of tea, the maker also offers a bone-shaped pool (though its price tag is pretty hefty—more than $400 at the time of this writing!).

Shop Now: Paw-Shaped Dog Pool, $187;