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The 10 Best Enzyme Cleaners for Dogs and Cats That Tackle Even the Most Notorious Stains and Odors

Plus, expert advice on what to look for in a product and how to use it most effectively.
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Let's face it—pets make messes. Whether you have a 120-pound Newfoundland or an 8-pound Siamese, it's impossible to avoid the occasional stain or odor (or, often, both) when you're a pet owner. As frustrating as these incidents can be, however, there are thankfully many effective options for erasing the evidence without a trace, including enzyme cleaners for dogs and cats.

Biological solutions that contain beneficial bacteria, these types of cleaners produce enzymes that break down "complex waste particles into smaller pieces that the bacteria can more easily consume," explains Kate Karam, resident pet expert at Chewy. These particles include those found in urine, feces, and food, she adds, making enzymatic cleaners extremely effective for dealing with pet stains. "Rather than mask smells or stains, they eliminate them, so pets are not drawn back to the spot where they had an accident," Karam says.

Not sure what enzyme cleaner is right for you? Don't worry—we've got you covered. Below are our picks for the 10 best enzyme cleaners for pets, broken down by use and application.

Our Top Picks

natures miracle dog stain odor remover
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Best Overall: Nature's Miracle Dog Stain & Odor Remover

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When it comes to pet cleaning products, you can't get better than Nature's Miracle. The brand's highly popular stain and odor remover has a light citrus scent that instantly replaces the problem area's previous smell, and the formula effectively erases all traces of pet-caused stains. Use it on any surface and for any issue.

angry orange enzyme cleaner
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Best Spray: Angry Orange Enzyme Cleaner and Pet Stain Remover Spray

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Another widely loved enzyme cleaner, this option from Angry Orange can handle dog and cat messes of all types, not just masking the evidence but totally destroying it. It leaves behind a light, fresh orange scent after doing its magic, living up to the product's slogan of "smells like heaven, works like hell."

biokleen bac out odor eliminator
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Best For Carpets: Biokleen Bac Out Stain & Odor Eliminator

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At only $7.99, this enzymatic cleaner is a total steal, but that's not the only great thing about it. It uses live enzyme cultures and natural ingredients to erase even the toughest stains and odors from carpets (among other surfaces), leaving behind a lovely citrus scent in its wake.

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rocco and roxie stain odor eliminator
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Best For Furniture: Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Remover

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This enzyme cleaner from Rocco & Roxie is a professional-strength formula that works as powerfully on couches and chairs as it does on carpets and floors. It's a bestseller for a reason; after you're done using it in an area, no one will know there was ever any smell or stain at all (including your pet!).

bubbas pet stain enzyme cleaner
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Best for Hardwood Floors: Bubba's Super Strength Pet Stain and Odor Terminator

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Don't fret over the state of your hardwood floors after a pet accident because this popular cleaner from Bubba's is here to help. It's a professional-grade solution that uses natural dormant enzymes to successfully erase stains and smells from floors, as well as from carpets, upholstery, and more.

trinova pet stain odor remover
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Eco-Friendly: TriNova Natural Pet Stain & Odor Remover

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Made with entirely natural and organic ingredients, this high-strength enzyme cleaner from TriNova is a win for your home and the environment. Clean up your pets' messes guilt-free, thanks to the total lack of harmful chemicals and toxins found in the powerful formula.

simple solution extreme pet stain odor remover
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Best Heavy-Duty: Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover

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Designed to handle the trickiest odors and stains, this enzymatic formula from Simple Solution is three times stronger than the brand's usual stuff. It comes in two different scent options and includes a 3-in-1 nozzle sprayer that foams, mists, and streams, so you can choose the right fit based on the stain in question.

out advanced stain odor remover
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best For Urine: OUT! PetCare Advanced Stain and Odor Remover

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While this enzyme cleaner works well on all types of stains and odors, it's especially effective on dog and cat urine. It uses a high concentration of pro-bacteria and enzymes to not only tackle the current issue but also erase the pheromones released after pet urination to prevent future incidents in the same spot.

shop care enzyme laundry detergent
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Best For Laundry: Shop Care 4X Ultra Synergistic Enzyme Laundry Detergent

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Got a piece of pet-soiled clothing or bedding begging to be washed? Pick up this super-concentrated detergent from Shop Care, which is formulated with enzymes that remove tough stains and odors from all types of washable materials. When the laundry is done, you'll be greeted with fresh-smelling and stain-free items ready for their next use. 

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bioturf artificial turf cleaner
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Best For Outdoors: BioTurf BioS+ Artificial Turf Pet Odor Eliminator

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If you have artificial grass in your yard or use a piece of turf for potty breaks, pet stains and odors can be a real issue. But this formula, made by TurFresh, uses enzymes to get at the roots of its target and leave the area smelling pristine. It's safe to use around plants, and even comes with a sprayer that you can attach to a garden hose for easy access.

What To Look For in Enzyme Cleaners for Pets

There are several types of enzyme cleaners, but pet owners should focus on those "specifically made for urine, food, and fecal matter," Karam says. Most enzyme cleaners are safe to use around pets, as they're biodegradable and non-toxic, but she advises keeping the products out of reach of your animals and not allowing them back in the cleaned spaces until the surfaces have totally drie—which, it should be noted, can take days or even weeks for carpeted areas. 

How to Use Enzyme Cleaners for Pet Stains

Usage depends on both the stain and its location. If the mess is minor, "just spray and wipe," Karam says. As for urine on carpets or furniture, "use towels to absorb as much of the liquid as possible and then immediately apply an enzymatic cleaner." For odors, meanwhile, apply the cleaner to the spot then air dry the area for awhile to let the enzymes work their magic. 

No matter what kind of problem or location, though, the crucial thing is to move quickly. "Mop up, sop up, and clean up before the food, urine, or poop have a chance to set in. Don't wait and then go out to buy a product. Pet parents should stock up before the issue arises," Karam says.