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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Shoppers Say This Pet Odor Eliminator 'Saved Their Whole House'—and It's 50% Off

It has over 43,500 fans on Amazon.
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Potty training accidents, litter box spills, and wet-dog smells can all create lingering odors that may feel impossible to get out. While we love our furry friends, the thought of our homes having an overwhelming cat smell is often at the back of our minds. That's why over 43,500 Amazon shoppers love this citrus deodorizer that's specifically formulated to clear up pet odors—and it's 50 percent off right now.

The Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator is an industrial-strength citrus odor remover that's made from the oil of real orange peels. It kills odors on contact, and it's safe to use on carpets, hard floors, tile, and non-leather upholstery. It even works on years-old stubborn urine smells, as well as recent potty training accidents, so you can save time and money by avoiding professional carpet cleaning treatments or replacing rugs and carpets altogether. 

The ready-to-use pet odor spray comes in a 24-ounce bottle that's marked down to only $15 right now, or you can snag a bulk 128-ounce jug for 30 percent off with a coupon applied at checkout. If the price alone isn't enough to convince you, take it from this shopper who moved into a home that had lingering cat urine odors and said Angry Orange "saved the whole house!" Another shopper commented that the spray worked better than professional carpet cleaners and odor eliminating powders.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Shop now: Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator, $15 with coupon (was $30);

Many shoppers commented that the powerful citrus scent fades away after a few minutes, leaving behind a fresh aroma that doesn't just mask pet odors, but actually removes them. Just remember to thoroughly shake the bottle to mix the solution before using. 

"Where has this been my whole life?" this shopper said. "Our rescue went backwards on potty training, but this stuff after a couple treatments, took the smell completely out. I love the smell of oranges, so it was pleasant. It didn't just mask, it removed the stain at its core on my thick shag carpet. I got the bottle first to try it out and then a day later ordered a gallon of the magic."

Another reviewer wrote, "I spent weeks trying to get the cat urine odor out of my carpet after my cat had an accident outside of the litter box. I had used a carpet shampoo machine, baking soda, Resolve Urine Destroyer, Nature's Miracle, you name it. Within 10 minutes of spraying this on the area, I knew it had worked. The ammonia smell in the air was completely gone and the whole house smelled like an orange grove. Every pet owner should have this in their home!"

Less time spent battling stubborn carpet odors means more quality time doing the things you (and your pet) love to do. It's safe to say that all pet owners need a trusted odor eliminator, so head to Amazon to grab this strong solution for 50 percent off.