Pet Cleaning Supplies

Sometimes our pets make messes (and smells we could do without), but we love them anyway. Learn more about all the pet-safe cleaning supplies you’ll need to tidy up your home and eliminate any unfavorable odors.

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How to Clean Pet Urine From the Carpet

Cleaning urine from your carpet incorrectly can lead to permanent stains, foul odors, and repeat accidents. Follow these simple steps to keep your floors looking and smelling fresh after your pet has an unexpected accident.

The Best Pet Stain Removers for Every Type of Mess

Only time can erase the memory of stumbling upon a “surprise” on your sofa, but these cleaners will at least erase the evidence. 

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10 Genius Products That Remove Pet Hair from Any Surface

When lint rollers just won't cut it, reach for one of these tools instead—brooms, upholstery sponges, laundry add-ins, and de-shedding mitts.