taco truck cat scratcher
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Your Kitty Needs This Ridiculous Taco Truck Cat Scratcher ASAP

We just have to taco ‘bout this cat scratcher.
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After all we do for our pets, it's time they finally put in some work to pay the bills. A cat's dream job has to be the head chef of a fish taco truck, right? Well, now you can make your cat's dreams come true—and fill your camera roll with ridiculous photos—with Boots & Barkley's Taco Truck Cat Scratcher. The hilarious scratcher, described on Target's website as "the perfect cove for a cat who loves his grub," is sold for $25 at Target locations across the U.S. and at target.com.

The bright blue truck is named "El Gato" and serves fish tacos for their customers. And while the truck advertises the food as "Meow Delicioso," results may vary depending on your personal chef.

The Taco Truck Cat Scratcher is more than just a cute photo-op. The truck contains two levels of durable corrugated cardboard, a texture your kitty will love to scratch instead of your furniture. Once your cat gets tired of scratching, they can lounge on the roof or cozy up inside the truck (although they may want to put up a "sorry, we're closed" sign so no hungry customers disturb their nap).

If you're a pet parent to multiple cats, the taco truck's two levels allows for more than one kitty to enjoy the truck at the same time. Because when it comes to tacos, the more the merrier.

The scratcher stands at 16 inches tall by 17.25 inches wide, so it's just big enough for your feline without taking up too much space. And while the wheels aren't real, the truck is made of lightweight cardboard making it easy to move from room to room. Or to film a video of your kitty slowly "driving" around the house. Please, we want to see it.

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