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8 Purrfect Cat Subscription Boxes to Treat Your Feline This Year

The contents of these packages will mean your cat actually wants more than just the box this time.
By Rachel Crocetti
December 01, 2020
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We've seen it before—you bring in a box from the mailman and your cat goes crazy. But with these cat subscription boxes, your feline will get so much more than just the cardboard box (although, that is definitely a bonus). From unique and interactive cat toys to organic catnip and handmade treats, these cat subscription boxes have something for every cat (and cat owner). And when all else fails, there is always the box!

We've selected nine of the best cat subscription boxes at every price point and category to give your cat the purrfect gift every month.

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Credit: Courtesy of KitNipBox

Best Overall: KitNipBox

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The KitNipBox has everything a cat parent could want for their furry friend—high-quality cat toys, all-natural cat treats, gadgets and interactive toys, and kitty accessories, amongst other goodies. If your cat has a sensitive tummy or allergies, you can replace the cat treats with other products, creating the perfect customizable experience for your feline!

Shop Now: KitNipbox, starting at $19.99 per month;

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Themed Box: MeowBox

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The MeowBox team of humans and cats pride themselves on creating the cheekiest themed boxes like outer space, picnic, trip to London, and more. The boxes are personalized with a note directly from the MeowBox team to your kitty, so when your cat inevitably takes all the goodies out to play with the box, it'll already have his name on it. MeowBox also gives back to the #AdoptDontShop movement by donating a can of cat food to a shelter cat for every box purchased.

Shop Now: MeowBox, starting at $20 per month;

cat lady box
Credit: Courtesy of Cratejoy

Best for Cat Ladies: CatLadyBox

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Why should your cat have all the fun? The CatLadyBox comes with unique and exclusive cat lady items like feline-themed jewelry, home decor, accessories, and more. You can choose either the CatLadyBox for just human items, or the Crazy CatLadyBox which has fun toys and products for your cat too!

Shop Now: CatLadyBox, starting at $38.33 per month;

crazy cat crates subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of Cratejoy

Best for Cat Toys: Crazy Cat Crates

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Is your feline crazy about playtime? Crazy Cat Crates features handmade toys, organic catnip, healthy treats, and a unique art card with cat care tips. Crazy Cat Crates focuses on small businesses and independent makers, so even if your feline has played with hundreds of toys, you are sure to find something new in this monthly box.

Shop Now: Crazy Cat Crates, starting at $29.99 per month;

nom nom now box
Credit: Courtesy of Nom Nom Now

Best Cat Food Box: Nom Nom Now

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Nom Nom Now is the best of the best when it comes to fresh cat food. With recipes that come from board certified veterinary nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg, your picky cat will be sure to get the tastiest, healthiest meals. The recipes focus on whole food ingredients approved for human consumption and are based on your cat's age, weight, activity level, and other health needs.

Shop Now: Nom Nom Now, price varies per cat;

litter box dot com
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Best for Litter (and more): LitterBox

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We've all been there—you go to clean your cat's litter box only to realize you're completely out of litter. It's a real, dare we say, cat-astrophe. will make sure that never happens to you with its monthly shipments of premium, all-natural clumping cat litter. litter is soft on kitty paws, naturally unscented, and has no added chemicals, so you know it's a healthy and convenient option for both you and your feline. And bonus: They also have a monthly cat subscription box filled with catnip, toys, and more! Everybody wins.

Shop Now:, starting at $20 per month; 

catnipporium subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of Cratejoy

Best for Catnip Lovers: Catnipporium

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Is there really anything better than watching the joy in your cat's eyes as they roll, lick, and go utterly crazy for some catnip? Catnipporium is a subscription service that will deliver that each month in their boxes filled with five themed catnip pillows, one extra-large kicker, and a special extra treat or toy for your feline.

Shop Now: Catnipporium, starting at $15 per month;

pet clever meow subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of Cratejoy

Most Unique Box: PetClever Meow! Box

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Filled with super unique products, the Meow! Box might just be the key to your cat's heart. Instead of the average plush toys, this subscription box is filled with interactive cat toys, teaser toys, self-grooming products, and more. Exercise your cat's brain and body with these fun toys that will show off his purr-sonality.

Shop Now: PetClever Meow! Box, starting at $25.99 per month;