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10 Essential Cat Grooming Supplies, According to a Veterinarian

Make routine grooming a more enjoyable experience for you—and your cat!
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Grooming is essential to our cat's health. Although our unapologetically independent feline friends insist they groom themselves, they might forget some of their personal hygiene needs require opposable thumbs—that's where us pet parents come in.

When it comes to grooming, Sara Ochoa, DVM at Senior Tail Waggers and Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital in Whitehouse, Texas, recommends getting your feline friend on a weekly or biweekly routine. "Each time, you should brush your cat's fur and brush your cat's teeth," she says. Nail trims can happen every few weeks. If you have a long-haired cat, you might need to brush them more frequently to prevent painful mats—work with your vet to determine the best grooming plan for your kitty's needs.

From shampoos and wipes to brushes and combs, we've rounded up the best cat grooming supplies and tools to keep your cat healthy and happy. Read on for our top picks and a veterinarian's grooming tips.

Our Top Picks

furminator deshedding tool short hair cats
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Best Deshedding Brush: Furminator Short Hair deShedding Tool

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The Furminator is popular for a reason! "This is a great brush at getting dead and loose hair out of your cat's fur," Ochoa says. "This brush also has a fur extractor for helping get the fur out of the brush," which makes for easy cleaning when you're done brushing. 

This particular Furminator brush is best for small cats up to 10 pounds with short hair, but the brand makes other options for cats of different sizes and hair types.

catfresh oatmeal skin coat spray
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Best Shampoo: CatFresh Oatmeal Skin & Coat Spray

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"My favorite shampoo is a waterless shampoo for cats," Ochoa says. "This shampoo also helps remove tangles and soothes your cat's skin."

If your cat isn't the fondest of bath time, this oatmeal spray is great for a quick clean. Unlike other shampoos that may contain fragrances and cause skin irritation, oatmeal gives your cat's coat a nice, subtle scent and rejuvenates her skin. It can also be used if your cat has acne, dermatitis, mange, or rashes (but always check with your vet to find the right treatment for any skin issues).

gonicc pet nail clipper
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Best Nail Clipper: Gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers

Buy Now on Amazon ($16)

On the lookout for the perfect nail clippers? These nail clippers have it all: non-slip handles, sharp blades, a nail file, and a safety stop blade. "I have used many different types of nail clippers and these by far are my favorite for cats and small animals," Ochoa says. "These are easy to use and small enough to not hurt your cat's nails when you are trimming them."

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tropiclean hypoallergenic pet wipes
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Best Grooming Wipes: TropiClean Fragrance Free Hypoallergenic Pet Wipes

Buy Now on Petco ($12)

These hypoallergenic wipes use a mild coconut cleanser to keep your cat fresh and clean after a day of play. "When my cat goes outside and rolls in the sand, I use these wipes to get the sand and grass off his fur. They smell great, too," Ochoa says.

Made with 99-percent plant-derived ingredients, including coconut, aloe, and witch hazel extracts, these wipes are gentle enough for cats with sensitive skin and allergies and are safe to use on cats 12 weeks and older.

jasper finger cat toothbrush
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Best Toothbrush: Jasper Finger Dog & Cat Toothbrush

Buy Now on Chewy ($13)

New to brushing your cat's teeth? Ochoa says finger toothbrushes are the best—and easiest—for brushing your cat's pearly whites. This 360-degree toothbrush uses soft, silicone bristles to gently get the job done and clean your cat's mouth with ease. Each finger brush set can last 6–12 months.

virbac cet enzymatic cat toothpaste
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Best Toothpaste: Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Poultry Flavor Dog & Cat Toothpaste

Buy Now on chewy ($10)

As we humans know, some toothpastes have better flavors than others. While the idea of a chicken- or tuna-flavored toothpaste might sound ... interesting to us, Ochoa says these flavors are the best for most cats since they love the taste and typically hate others. This poultry-flavored toothpaste makes brushing easy and is meant to be swallowed.

poodle detangling pet comb
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Best Comb: Poodle Pet Essentials Detangling Pet Comb

Buy Now on Amazon ($13)

Regardless if your cat has long or short hair, it's best to have a comb handy to work through any mats and tangles in your cat's coat. This comb has long and short stainless steel teeth and a non-slip handle to easily remove any knots or mats. 

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pet md pet ear cleaner wipes
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Best Ear Cleaner: Pet MD Cat and Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes

Buy now on amazon ($13)

Say hello to stress-free ear cleanings for your cat (and you!). "Most cats do not like the liquid that you put in their ears," Ochoa says. "I find that ear wipes work best for cats."

Cats whose ears are light pink, clean, and free of earwax don't need an ear wipe. However, if your cat's ears have discharge or a foul smell, bring them to the vet to see if it's an ear infection or another irritation. Depending on the problem, they might need a medicated wipe or just a general cleaning wipe like these from Pet MD. The cucumber melon scent will keep those ears smelling fresh but can also reduce scratching, head shake, and discomfort.

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wahl pet clippers
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Best Hair Trimmer: Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit

Buy Now on Amazon ($40)

If you have a cat who needs hair trimming, this widely loved pet grooming kit is a great option. It uses quiet and gentle clippers to create a comfortable experience for your cat as you work through her coat. Their high-carbon blades are sharp and ensure grooms are snag-free. Be sure to work with your vet to determine if your kitty needs a cut! 

delomo pet grooming glove
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Best Pet Grooming Glove: DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove

Buy now on Amazon ($14)

Your cat gets the best of both worlds with this grooming glove! "Cats love a good pet," Ochoa says. "Using a pet grooming glove will allow you to pet your cat and brush them at the same time."

This skin-friendly glove is suitable for all cats (and other pets, too!) and can be used as an everyday hair remover or bath brush. It effectively removes dirt and loose fur from your cat's coat and any hard-to-reach areas. Each glove is one size fits all and has an adjustable wrist wrap.

Cat Grooming Tips

"When starting to groom your cat, you should start off slow," Ochoa says. This will help get your cat used to the experience and sensations over time instead of overwhelming them with combing, teeth brushing, and nail trimming all at once. Ochoa gives the following tips for stress-free grooming:

  • If your cat has mats, work for a few minutes at a time while petting them to create a more pleasant experience.
  • Keep brushing sessions short and sweet, especially in areas your cat doesn't like to be touched.
  • Give treats or a special toy to keep your cat occupied and create a positive environment.
  • Save baths for when they're actually dirty and try to use waterless shampoo when possible.
  • Take breaks when needed so your cat (and you) don't feel as stressed.