woman trimming cat's nails
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The 6 Best Cat Nail Clippers for Quick and Comfortable Trimmings

These nail clippers will have you cutting your cat’s nails with confidence.
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Cats instinctively love to scratch and will do so as often as possible. In addition to providing your cat with plenty of scratching posts and scratching toys to satisfy her innate needs, it's also important to keep her nails at a comfortable length. Meaning, manis and pedis are a must for your feline friend to keep your cat's nails healthy, your furniture safe, and your skin scratch-free. 

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How Often Should I Trim My Cat's Nails?

Not sure whether to trim your cat's nails every week, month, or six weeks? We turned to Jamie Whittenburg, DVM at Senior Tail Waggers and owner of Kingsgate Animal Hospital in Lubbock, Texas, for answers. "How often a cat's claws need to be trimmed varies from cat to cat and is affected by things such as age, health, and activity," she says. "Most cats will need their claws trimmed about once every two weeks. However, to keep the claws short and to aid the owner in remembering, it is often helpful to set aside a day each week (i.e. Sunday) when the cat's claws are clipped."

What to Look for in Cat Nail Clippers 

There are endless nail clipper options, ranging from scissor-style to grinder-style. With so many different kinds out there for cats and dogs, it can be difficult to know if certain clippers are hit or miss and whether they'll clip—or break—your cat's nails.

"The best cat claw trimmers for your cat are the ones that you can effectively use and that the cat tolerates," Whittenburg says. "Personally, I prefer the scissor-style, as they may be used to trim the nails vertically or horizontally and allow for greater control by the operator."  

When purchasing claw trimmers, Whittenburg recommends looking for:

  • Quality construction
  • Sharp blades
  • A size that fits comfortably in your hands
millers forge nail clipper
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Best Overall: Millers Forge Nail Clipper

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There's plenty to love about these plier-style nail clippers, which happen to be Whittenburg's top pick.

"These clippers are versatile and can be used on a variety of pets (dogs, cats, birds), and the smaller size is ideal for cats," Whittenburg says. "The handles are ergonomic, and the blades are very sharp. Millers Forge has long been a trusted name in claw trimmers for pets, and they make high-quality products that last."

Shop now: Millers Forge Nail Clipper, $10; chewy.com

resco cat nail clippers
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Best Guillotine: Resco Original Chrome Pet Nail Trimmer

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Prefer guillotine-style clippers? Whittenburg recommends this pair for their ease of use and sharp blades. (Because there's nothing worse than accidentally crushing your cat's nail instead of clipping it.) Another plus to these clippers: You can replace the blades when they get dull!

Shop now: Resco Original Chrome Pet Nail Trimmer, $16; amazon.com

pet boussa cat nail clipper
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Best Budget: Pet Boussa Cat Nail Clippers

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These are Amazon's top choice for cat nail clippers: They boast a nearly five-star rating and 1,500 reviews praising their ease of use, comfort, and durability—all at an affordable price. Cutting your cat's nails has never been easier.

Shop now: Pet Boussa Cat Nail Clippers, $6; amazon.com

Dremel paw control cat nail grinder
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Best Grinder-Style: Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer

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If your cat doesn't mind the noise or vibrating sensations that come with a grinder-style trimmer, this is the grinder Whittenburg recommends. If you've ever worried about cutting your cat's nails too short, you'll be pleased to know this grinder comes with a nail guard so you can safely file them down. This set comes with nine grooming accessories and includes everything you'll need to make trimming your cat's nails a breeze.

Shop now: Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer, $55; amazon.com

miza Cat Nail Clippers
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Best Scissor-Style: Miza Cat Nail Clippers

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Do your hands cramp up when you're trying to cut your cat's nails? You're not alone! These clippers prioritize comfort for you and your cat. "These simple scissor-style cat clippers are great for trimming cat nails on a budget," Whittenburg says. "They have sharp blades, easy to grip handles, and are small and lightweight."

Shop now: Miza Cat Nail Clippers, $10; mizapet.com

harperton nail clippers
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Best for Kittens: Harperton Nail Clippers Set

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With a 4.6-star rating and over 25,000 reviews, several five-star reviews come from users who not only bought these nail clippers for themselves—but also for their cats!

"For kittens, it is often easiest to use human nail clippers," Whittenburg says. "Owners find these nail clippers familiar and are often more proficient with them. Their style also makes it easy to see where on the nail you are clipping, which can avoid cutting into the kitten's quick. As with all trimmers, these need to be sharp to be effective."

Shop now: Harperton Nail Clippers Set, $10; amazon.com