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The 11 Best Cat Brushes for Shedding You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

We combed through tons of product reviews to bring you the very best cat brushes on Amazon.
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If you're sick of stockpiling lint rollers and vacuuming up rogue tumbleweeds of cat hair, it might be time to invest in a quality deshedding tool. The right cat brush can help remove loose hair, keep away mats and tangles, and help keep both you and your cat happy (and healthy, since all that excess fluff won't end up in a hairball).

The kind of brush you'll need depends on your cat's breed, coat length, and preferences—we know our feline friends can be picky. Long-haired kitties often require a comb, delicate detangling, and plenty of patience. For short-haired cats, brushes, combs, and mitts are all great options for banishing hair from your home.

Your cat should be brushed at least once or twice weekly, depending on their breed. A good rule of thumb is that the more hair your cat has, the more often you should be brushing them. Cats with long hair, advanced age, or physical setbacks may require daily brushing. And if you have a super-shedder on your hands? Daily brushing is a good way to stay on top of things.

If you don't brush, you can expect to see more piles of hair on furniture—plus excess hair can cause knots and matting. Hairballs are pretty typical cat behavior, but an abundance of fur to clean can lead to some hairy (and possibly scary) situations for your cat. Lots of stray hairs left around the house can also flare up allergies for owners. Brushing your cat frequently will reduce the amount of shed hairs left in his wake and offer other great benefits the whole household can enjoy. Here are our favorite options for cat brushes, all available on Amazon.

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Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

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This self-cleaning brush has tens of thousands of great reviews on Amazon, an easy-to-clean design, and bristles designed to avoid tugging on your cat's delicate skin. Happy buyers have left a lot of impressive hair pile pictures in the review section, so you know this thing is legit.

Shop now: Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush, $16;

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SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool

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This high-quality deshedding brush has an ergonomic design and is made from premium-grade poplar wood and stainless steel. SleekEZ also uses a patented wave pattern that grabs your pet's hair by the tips to prevent a painful grooming session.

Shop now: SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool, starting at $18;

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Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove

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If you've got a fuzzy fur baby that loves nothing more than a good old-fashioned petting session, these grooming gloves will work like magic. Reviewers with picky feline friends say this glove is a great alternative to brushing cats who are easily bored or sensitive to more traditional grooming methods.

Shop now: Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove, $14;

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Home of Paws Double-Sided Pet Brush

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This natural bamboo brush has flexible plastic pins on one side and a soft bristle brush on the other. The S-shaped pins are ideal for straight and curly-haired cats and remove loose hairs, dirt, and debris without scratching your pet's skin. The soft bristle side also helps remove shed hairs and distributes oils to keep your cat's coat looking shiny and healthy.

Shop now: Home of Paws Double-Sided Pet Brush, $12;

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Mars Boar Bristle Cat Brush

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Mars is a German brand that makes professional-grade grooming tools for pets, like this boar bristle brush for cats. The bristles are firm enough to remove loose hairs and debris but soft enough for sensitive skin. Multiple reviewers say this gentle cat brush is especially great for cats with skin issues like dandruff or dermatitis. 

Shop now: Mars Boar Bristle Cat Brush, $13;

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Laiannwell Professional Cat Comb Set

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Long-haired cats require combing, rather than brushing, to safely and easily remove knots, debris, and loose hair. This cat comb set comes with three size options—reviewers say the largest comb is great for detangling, while the smaller combs work wonders at deshedding.

Shop now: Laiannwell Professional Cat Comb Set, $10;

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Burt's Bees Grooming Brush

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This double-sided pin and bristle brush from Burt's Bees works for long-haired or short-haired cats. The rounded pins help comfortably remove dirt, dander, and knots, while the bristled side removes loose shed hair and helps keep your kitty's coat shiny. This quality cat brush is made from bamboo and recycled materials.

Shop now: Burt's Bees Grooming Brush, $13;

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Hesiry Cat Brush for Shedding

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Protective end caps on this cat brush's stainless steel pins keep your four-legged friend from getting their sensitive skin scratched or scraped. This soft brush has a flexible design to ensure your cat is comfortable while you remove all that extra fur. Happy Amazon reviewers describe this cat brush as "magical," "awesome," and the "best comb purchase ever."

Shop now: Hesiry Cat Brush for Shedding, $12;

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Pakeway Cat Brush for Shedding and Grooming

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This cool cat brush has retractable bristles to make cleaning hair out of your brush at the end of a grooming session incredibly simple. Another great feature is rubber caps on the ends of the stainless steel pins, which keep your cat comfy and help eliminate static electricity while you brush.

Shop now: Pakeway Cat Brush for Shedding and Grooming, $10;

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MIU Color Pet Deshedding Brush

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Reduce the amount of shedding on short-, medium- and long-haired cats with this durable cat brush from Amazon. This brush quickly and easily works out knots and removes hair to reduce shedding. Reviewers say this brush is great for pets with a hard-to-manage undercoat.

Shop now: MIU Color Pet Deshedding Brush, $12;

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Hertzko Soft Cat Brush

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Gentle plastic bristles with round capped ends make it easy to detangle hair on cats with any length of hair. This cat brush also has a comfortable grip handle—which you might need, since your kitty will want to be brushed with this soft, massaging grooming tool pretty much non-stop.

Shop now: Hertzko Soft Cat Brush, $14;