Product photo of Toasty Cat cat bed with cat inside featuring a loaf of bread with cartoon cat face and extra butter and avocado toys
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon / Toas

You Knead To Get This Bread-Shaped Bed for Your Cat

Your cat is sure going to loaf this bed!
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If you're a cat owner, we're pretty certain your camera roll is full of photos of your adorable kitty doing, well, pretty much anything: napping, jumping, meowing, or loafing (when their paws and tail are tucked under them while they do their best to impersonate a loaf of bread).

Now your cat can loaf it up in an actual loaf of bread ... well, almost. Shared by thousands of cat owners on Instagram, the cozy ToastyCat bed is shaped to look like a loaf of bread (cue the "Awww!"s now) with the inside hollowed out, leaving plenty of space for your cat to climb in and snuggle up. Yes, the resulting pictures are as cute—and maybe even cuter—than you could imagine. 

The ToastyCat bed is more than just a perfect photo op—it's made of orthopedic memory foam that cushions your cat as she sleeps and conforms to her body, giving her the best cat nap of her life. Because the sides (or should we say crusts?) come up so high, your cat will feel comforted and protected as she hides away from the world. We can only imagine the bread-filled dreams cats have when they're curled up in this thing!

toasty cat bed
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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Of course, no loaf of bread is complete without something to spread on it. Purchasers of the ToastyCat bed also receive two cat toys—one shaped like a stick of butter and one that looks like an avocado half—for your kitty to play with. It's just too much cute for one comfy little cat bed. (Pro-tip: If your cat's up for it, dress him in his hipster glasses for a photo op enjoying his "avocado toast." Instagram gold!)

As if you didn't already have enough reasons to love this cat bed shaped as a loaf of bread, it has a zip cover that can be removed and washed in case of any accidents or spills and to remove any odors or pet hair that's settled into the cover.

The ToastyCat bed recently redesigned the signature bed to be even bigger, so even our chonky feline friends can fit as perfectly as a bun in the oven. In fact, there's so much room in this thing that five kittens can comfortably cuddle together in it. Talk about a stuffed loaf!

Because the ToastyCat bed is so popular, it won't be back in stock until April 17—but you can order it on Amazon now and it will be shipped in a few weeks. Until then, start brainstorming all the bread puns you'll use on the Instagram caption for your photo of your cat snoozing away in this bed. Crust us—it's going to be in-bread-able.