cat sitting on Necoichi cat scratcher
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Cats Everywhere Are Loving The Necoichi Cat Scratcher, And It's Actually Adorable

Finally, a cat product that doesn’t offend the eyes.
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How many times has this happened to you? You're browsing Amazon, Chewy, and other pet retailers for the perfect cat scratching post or bed. Your eyes linger but your fingers quickly scroll past the cactus shaped cat-scratcher and the animal print kitty tower. Loud colors and carpet-covered jungle gyms just won't cut it for your modern, neutral home. But your cat deserves her own space to claw (also hopefully preventing her from targeting your pristine couch). What's a cat parent to do?

Thankfully, the Internet has discovered the Necoichi cat scratcher, a minimalistic scratcher that doubles as a bed and keeps a low profile—perfect for the modern home. The circular shape is ideal for afternoon naps, and when she's ready to play, she can scratch to her heart's content. Even if she's a nibbler, you won't have to worry. The piece (yes, we're calling this a piece) is made from 100-percent recycled paper and non-toxic cornstarch glue. The scratching pad is reversible and replaceable, so even the most scratch-happy pet homes can rely on its longevity. And have we mentioned the sleek wood design that matches any home? 

necoichi cat scratcher
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Shop now: Necoichi Cat Scratcher, $33; Amazon, Chewy, Target, Walmart

In case you need more convincing, take it from the hundreds of happy buyers. On, one shopper was very pleased with the aesthetic of the Necoichi, saying it "looks good enough to keep in the living room."

"From the time I took it out of the box my cat has possessed this bed," wrote an Amazon reviewer. "When I tried to move it from the place it first landed out of the box my cat actually hissed at me! She never does this! She has been in it for 3 days straight."

"There are more cat products than not that may be functional, but are so tacky/gaudy—I hate to look at them," said another cat parent. "I was [pleased] to find such a useful product that actually LOOKS GREAT!"

One Target customer will likely be coming back to buy more: "My only regret is not buying another, as we have four cats and they constantly fight over whose turn it is to lay in this!"

The Necoichi cat scratcher comes in a light oak color as well as a darker cherry wood, so you can pick the style that best matches your own decor (or, heck, buy both). Get your cat their new favorite scratcher from Amazon at $33 per bed—and breathe easy knowing your carefully curated home aesthetic lives another day.