Cat snuggled in shag throw blanket
Credit: Courtesy of Best Friends By Sheri

My Cat Is Obsessed With This Ultra-Cozy Shag Throw Blanket

She’s made it into her nest and refuses to leave.
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As the pet parent of both a dog and a cat, I'm often guilty of spoiling the former much more than the latter. It's just so much easier to buy things for pups: there are far more products for dogs on the market, and my dog is typically way more excited to receive a gift (whether it's a chewy toy or cozy sweater). But cats deserve special treats too, of course, so I was very excited to receive a shag throw blanket from Best Friends By Sheri recently. I just knew my domestic shorthair, Mim Mim, would absolutely love it!

While the $20 blanket isn't designed for cats specifically (it can be used by dogs, too), it's an ideal match for felines because its shag material makes it ultra soft, super warm, and ideal for kneading. The vegan fur is also meant to imitate the feel of a mother's fur coat, making it even more irresistible. I knew the moment that we took it out of its wrapping that Mim would claim it as hers, and I was right. When I placed the blanket in her pet hut, she immediately ran inside, gave it a few approving sniffs, and promptly settled in. Three hours later, she hadn't moved an inch.

cat in pet hut with shag throw blanket
The writer's cat, Mim Mim, snuggled up with her new throw blanket.
| Credit: Rachel Simon

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As thrilled as I was that she was clearly a big fan of the blanket, I was also happy to discover how well it blended into our home. The neutral "frost" color is pretty and elegant (as are the other three color options: taupe, cotton candy, and dark chocolate), and in the unlikely chance that Mim ever decides she wants a new nap spot, I can move the blanket from the hut to a couch or the floor without it clashing with our decor.

Plus, while it's spacious enough at 30x40 inches for a cat or small/medium dog to rest comfortably (it always comes in a 40x50 size for larger pets), it's fairly lightweight, not taking up too much room on any surface. It's also machine washable and dryer safe, so I can easily give it a clean every now and then to keep it looking and smelling fresh.

In the weeks we've had the blanket, Mim has spent hours every day cuddling up on it, and from the looks of things, she couldn't be happier. It's so gratifying to be able to give my cat an item she really loves, and it's made even better by how much I love it, too. When she eventually wears the blanket out from all the use, I won't hesitate to buy another one—and maybe I'll even get the bigger size, so the rest of our family can share in the comfort.