cat laying in a honey pot cat bed
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

The Internet Started 2022 Obsessing Over This Honey Pot Cat Bed, and We're Here For It

Maybe it means this year will (deep breath) not be terrible?
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When searching for the perfect cat bed, you have to take a lot of factors into consideration: comfort, cost, durability, and so on. "Cuteness" might not be top on your list of necessities, but that will likely change after seeing the absolutely adorable Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Covered Cat & Dog Bed from Chewy's Disney collection.

As the name suggests, this bed is designed to look like a spilled-over honey pot from the beloved childhood tale—it even has the word "Hunny" printed on the top. It's built like a cave, so when snuggled up inside of it, your cat (or small dog) can feel like they have their own private, safe space, while you get to enjoy the ridiculously cute sight. And the bed is ultra cozy, too, with plush fabric, velvety material, and a removable cushion.

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The bed went viral when a Twitter user posted a photo of their cat snoozing on top of the "spilled honey"—aka the extended cushion padding—on Jan. 1, and it's already racked up over a million likes and 133,000 retweets from adoring pet lovers. Thankfully, the bed is available on Chewy for $40, so plenty of other cat and dog parents can get in on the fun.

And in case you need more convincing, there are tons of rave reviews for the bed on Chewy's site. "The best bed ever!!" wrote one happy customer. "It is not only beautiful, sweet, and awesome quality, it helps one's fur baby to feel safe, secure, and warm. If you are thinking about buying this bed don't hesitate. Buy it, you will not be disappointed!"

"The Disney Winnie the Pooh covered dog bed is just perfect for my puppy," said another shopper, adding, "She loves snuggling up in there. It is all soft so it can collapse if you want it out of the way. It is nice that the padding (honey spill) comes out for easy clean up."

The bed is just one item in Chewy's massive Disney collection, which dropped in March and features hundreds of beds, toys, leashes, collars, and more. So if you can't get enough of the Honey Pot and want more House of Mouse in your life, take a look at the full product collection to turn your pet's living space into a Disney-fied dream.