Expect to see less of your cat once they discover the luxury of a heated bed.
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cat laying in heated cat bed
Credit: @dailypaws / TikTok

Just like humans—cats like to find any possible way to stay warm during the winter. Whether it's snuggling under a blanket, laying on top of a heat vent, or luxuriating in front of the window on a sunny day—our furry companions are always on the prowl for the warmest napping spot. 

If your cat is looking to upgrade from their favorite blanket to something even warmer—a heated cat bed is the way to go. There are many options when it comes to choosing a heated bed for your kitty, and the K&H Pet Products Heated Kitty Sleephouse, available from Chewy for $62, has unique and safe features making it a great choice for your favorite feline. 

The K&H heated bed, featured on the Daily Paws' TikTok account, isn't just for the colder months. The cat house features a removable electric heating pad, allowing your kitty to lounge inside all year long. The stylish cheetah print bed is made with soft MicroSuede and fleece, with "durable plastic walls" that uphold the house's structure and make for a long-lasting product. 

While the cats in the TikTok are a little wary of their new piece of furniture at first (Myu even hissed at it,) by the end of the video they just can't seem to stay away. Not only do they rest in it alone, but they also use it together—with one kitty inside the heated haven and another relaxing on the roof. Thanks to the house's sturdiness and flat top design, this bed is perfect for multiple cat use. 

Once your cat is all snuggled up inside the house (and it's plugged in,) the heating pad automatically activates and warms up to match your feline's internal temperature. Peace of mind is a major perk of this bed, as it only heats up when your cat is laying on it. It's also convenient for a cat on the go—zipping apart and laying flat for easy storage and travel. 

While the K&H Sleephouse is intended for indoor use, if your kitty is an explorer, check out these outdoor cat houses to help keep them safe this winter.

Heated Bed Safety

Remember to be safe! Don't keep any heated beds plugged in when you're not at home. Heated beds should not be used for cats who are sick, have mobility issues, or recently had surgery. Talk to your vet before getting a heated bed for a young kitten or pregnant cat.

Be sure to protect or hide the cord so your cat won't chew on it. Cats—especially kittens—are often attracted to electrical cords and could become electrocuted.