cat sitting on cat shelf lined with fur
Credit: Courtesy of Tuft and Paw

These Cat Shelves Give Your Kitty the High-Up Perch They Deserve

Give them the kitty version of Ninja Warrior.
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You love your cat's innate curiosity as they explore new toys, new friends, and new surroundings. And heck, even as they become fascinated with an ordinary household object, like a pen or simple cardboard box. What you might not love is when their adventurous spirit leads them to jump from your coffee table to your kitchen counter (maybe even on top of the refrigerator?), knocking over everything (and anything) in their path. Parkour!

Cats need a way to roam and channel their energy and natural instincts without hurting themselves (or your belongings). The solution? Cat shelves that are not only aesthetically pleasing for your decor scheme but a practical way for your kitty to play, nap, and exercise. Let's get into our favorites, including options for snuggling, exercising, napping, and exploring.

The Best Cat Shelves to Buy Now

TRIXIE Bed Wall Mounted Cat Shelf
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

1 Bed Wall Mounted Cat Shelf

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When they're perched above the rest of the household, they reinstate their leadership position as Kitty of the Castle. And this minimalist white shelf gives them the best platform to reign over their kingdom. You could even buy a few to give them a spot in every room to conduct their meetings.

Shop now: TRIXIE Bed Wall Mounted Cat Shelf, $29;

MyZoo Lack Round Clear Wall Mounted Cat Shelf
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

2 Round Clear Wall Mounted Cat Shelf

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If your interior design aesthetic leans more modern, a bulky cat shelf or cat perch probably doesn't fit your fancy. However, if you still want to give your kitty a space to explore that isn't your dining room table, consider this clear-mounted option. Your cat can see below them, and you can see their (adorable!) feet. We love the minimal vibe, and if you put it up high enough, your cat will "meow" over the view.

Shop now: MyZoo Lack Round Clear Wall Mounted Cat Shelf, $37;

CatastrophiCreations Lift Wall Mounted Cat Tree Shelf Set
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

3 Wall Mounted Cat Tree Shelf Set

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Once you hang this set on your wall, prepare for the cat training regimen to begin. You can create different shapes and lengths, all at a variety of heights, challenging your cat to test their jumping and perching skills. This particular cat shelf is recommended for homes with more than one kitty since it provides ample space for each pet, cutting down on any territorial scuffles.

Shop now: CatastrophiCreations Lift Wall Mounted Cat Tree Shelf Set, $78;

On2Pets Rectangle Cat Canopy Shelves
Credit: Courtesy of Target

4 Cat Canopy Shelves

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You want to provide your feline best friend with a cat shelf they'll appreciate, but you also want it to serve as a statement-making piece in your home. This Target find may be the solution since it features a system of interchangeable leaves. This means you get to design your faux garden oasis, including density, color, and more. The leaves are made of silk, safe for nibbling, and it provides a comfortable perch for your cat to look over the lay of the household. Best of all, it's sort of like bringing nature indoors since it's as close to "tree-climbing" as your indoor cat will get.

Shop now: On2Pets Rectangle Cat Canopy Shelves, $48;

CatastrophiCreations The Cat Mod Feeder Shelf for Cats in Natural
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

5 The Cat Mod Feeder Shelf for Cats

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Cat shelves don't only have to be for exercise; they could also be a clever solution to common household issues. Say, for instance, your dog or toddler is constantly investigating and eating the cat food. Ensure your kitty is protected during meal times by elevating their food bowl with this cat shelf. It comes with two half-pint stainless steel dishes and allows your super-cool climber to take a leisurely lunch, sans distraction.

Shop now: CatastrophiCreations The Cat Mod Feeder Shelf for Cats in Natural, $32;

The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

6 Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf

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For the kitty who is more of a napper than an explorer, this rounded cat shelf provides them a cozy place to curl and sleep the day away. It's a tad more traditional than modern but still pretty to look at throughout the day. And hey, when your cute feline is purring as they catch some zzz's, you won't mind admiring them from below.

Shop now: The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf, $75;

FUKUMARU Floating Wall Shelf with Cat Faux Lamb Mat
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

7 Floating Wall Shelf with Cat Faux Lamb Mat

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Cats need to be entertained, but sadly, you have to work to provide them with their beloved treats, toys, and food. One way to engage their curious mind is to provide a stylish cat perch like this one. In addition to featuring neutral tones that blend with your furniture, the added faux lamb mat is ideal for snuggling and kneading.

Shop now: FUKUMARU Floating Wall Shelf with Cat Faux Lamb Mat, $32;

PetFusion Cat Activity Wall Shelves
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

8 Cat Activity Wall Shelves

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Consider this cat activity wall set for those cat parents who are looking for a bigger project than a simple installation. You can place them however you'd like, including upwards or downwards obstacles, small and large perches, and more. The idea is to create a vertical gym on your wall that allows your cat to explore and exercise.

Shop now: PetFusion Cat Activity Wall Shelves, $80;

Austy Wooden Cat Feeding Shelf
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

9 Wooden Cat Feeding Shelf

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Who doesn't like to have a comfortable place to sit while they snack? When you catch up on your go-to TV binge, you probably bring something to nibble on, and now your cat can too. This dual perching and feeding cat shelf gives privacy to picky eaters and gives them a much-needed space away from everyone else. We love the design of the bowls and the color scheme that will likely match your own aesthetic. 

Shop now: Austy Wooden Cat Feeding Shelf, $75;

Shawnita Cat Perch
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

10 Cat Perch

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Not only are these super-cute cat shelves inspired by clouds in the sky, making them ideal for a bedroom, but they also will help to solve one of the biggest complaints of kitty parenting: scratching! This wall-mounted design is made of cat scratching materials, allowing them to brush up on their claws … far away from your couch!

Shop now: Shawnita Cat Perch, $98;

Sproul Handcrafted Elevated Cat Perch
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

11 Elevated Cat Perch

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Simple, understated, and sturdy, your kitty will be safe as they judge—er—watch the world below them in this cat perch. Made of bamboo, it's a quality and durable material that can make it through several moves and even the craziest of kitties. You can use it on its own as a minimalist design addition or use it as a launching pad for a bigger cat activity gym.

Shop now: Sproul Handcrafted Elevated Cat Perch, $46;

Cat Wall Steps
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

12 Cat Wall Steps

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Designed with the cute face of a cat in mind, these cat steps will provide entertainment and adventure for your furry little one. With two different levels, your cat can bounce between them, giving them plenty of space and obstacles to master. The quality wood and sweet aesthetic are also perfect for the cat fanatic.

Shop now: Cat Wall Steps, $37;

Vista Cat Perch
Credit: Courtesy of Tuft and Paw

13 Vista Cat Perch

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This elegant platform makes an appealing perch for cats, who can relax comfortably along the curved edges. Humans will appreciate the design of this kitty perch, which appears to float weightlessly in the air thanks to a concealed wall mount. It's topped with soft faux fur, making this an extra-cozy spot for any feline.

Shop now: Vista Cat Perch, $199;