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5 Budget-Friendly Cat Trees That Fit Seamlessly In Your Home

Cat trees can take up a lot of space and stick out like a sore thumb against your carefully-chosen home decor. We’ve rounded up five options that are actually stylish and won’t break the bank.
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Cat trees are traditionally not the most visually-appealing pieces of home decor, and they can be surprisingly expensive. However, cats need the opportunity to play and engage their bodies and minds in stimulating activity (a bored cat can mean trouble for your furniture). Lucky for us, cat trees have come a long way in the past few years, and it's now much easier to find a cat tree that isn't an eyesore in your home.

While shopping for a new cat tree, keep in mind what your cat likes. Does she like to scratch at your couch? Find her a good scratching post. Does she play with the tassels on your curtains? Find a condo that has a hanging toy for her to bat. Does she like to jump on your counters? Find a tall cat tree or even a hanging shelf for her to jump on. 

We did the digging for you and rounded up five stylish cat trees that will fit in your home decor and budget (your cat will love them, too).

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Trixie Sisal Scratching Posts
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Trixie Sisal Scratching Post

Buy now

Giving your kitty a scratching post will help prevent scratches on your furniture and holes in your carpet. This durable yet affordable scratching post is made in neutral tones to blend with your home decor. The post is about two feet tall, and the plush base gives your feline ample room to cuddle up and nap after playtime.

Shop now: Trixie Sisal Scratching Post, $17,

Kelsey Tri Cat Condo
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

Kelsey Tri Cat Condo

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This cat condo perfectly matches a mid-century modern or Scandanavian-style home decor. The simple, small condo comes in both black and white and is a tasteful addition that your cat will love, too! She can lounge on the top, sharpen her claws on the scratch board, and bat at the hanging toy.

Shop now: Kelsey Tri Cat Condo, $62, 

Bella Scratch Post Cat Condo
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

Bella Scratch Post Cat Condo

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Another modern, simple design, this cat condo gives your kitty a fun place to lounge and play while looking nice in any home. The condo has two entrances, a scratching post, a hanging toy, and a cushioned seat for snoozes.

Shop now: Bella Scratch Post Cat Condo, $66,

Frisco faux fur cat tree condo
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Frisco Cat Tree & Condo

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This is the ultimate all-in-one spot for your kitty to lounge, leap, and scratch, and we're shocked it's under $100. This comes in five different sizes, so you can choose the best option for your space and your cat's needs. Whatever size you choose, the cream color will blend in while still giving your cat everything he needs to stay occupied.

Shop now: Frisco Cat Tree & Condo, $75,

Skip Cat Perch
Credit: Courtesy of Tuft and Paw

Skip Cat Tree

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This stylish tree from Tuft & Paw looks like a floating shelf and comes in two colors and sizes to fit your unique space. The perch can be installed at any height to suit your cat's preferences, and it's fitted with a soft and warm felt liner for extra comfort.

Shop now: Skip Cat Tree, $49,