enclosed hidden cabinet furniture in living room setting used as a dog-proof cat feeding station
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5 Genius Dog-Proof Cat Feeders To Keep Fido Away

 Your cat’s food bowl will never be empty again (unless it’s her doing!).
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Is Fido notorious for helping himself to Fluffy's food? Even after he's just devoured a bowl of his own food? If so, you're not alone!

Some dogs might prefer the taste of cat food, and others might just love the fact that there's food in a bowl they can eat any time. Although there may be several explanations as to why, one thing's for sure: while your dog is taking "treat yo' self" to a whole new level, your cat is missing out on her nutritious meals

Chances are, you've tried placing your cat's food bowl in a spot you can't imagine your dog would get into. Or maybe you've tried hiding your cat's bags of food. Or have even tried using a dog gate to keep your dog from being able to get to it. Yet there it is … the cat food bowl somehow empty once again, courtesy of Fido.

Enter a helpful solution that can help you keep your dog from eating all the cat's food: a dog-proof cat feeder. These feeding stations range from bowls built into a kitty shelf away from curious dog nibbles to a special bowl that only your kitty can unlock through a microchipped collar. Below, we've rounded up our favorite dog-proof cat feeders to fit any pet parent's lifestyle and budget.

5 Dog-Proof Cat Feeders To Keep Kitty Fed and Happy

petsafe programmable pet feeder
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PetSafe Analog 2 Meal Programmable Pet Feeder

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Have to leave for work or need to catch up on sleep? This cat feeder takes care of mealtime on those busy days so your feline friend is fed on time, every time. You can schedule two daily meals as well as treats. The combination of timed meals and tamper-resistant lids makes it a challenge for your hungry dog to gobble up your feline's food!

Shop now: PetSafe Analog 2 Meal Programmable Pet Feeder, $22; amazon.com

felivecal suspension cat bowl
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Felivecal Suspension Cat Bowl/Cat Perch Bed Wall Floating Shelves

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Take mealtime to great heights with this creative floating shelf. This sturdy, suspended shelf lets your cat put her instincts to good use and enjoy her meal worry-free. You can comfortably fit two ceramic bowls each with a diameter of five inches. Made of solid pine, the platform requires assembly and comes with brackets and accessories.

Shop now: Felivecal Suspension Cat Bowl/Cat Perch Bed Wall Floating Shelves, $56; amazon.com

coziwow enclosed dog proof cat feeder
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COZIWOW Enclosed Litter Box Enclosure Furniture Hidden Cabinet

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This spacious enclosed cabinet is purrfect for your cat to eat in solitude. Constructed with an eco-friendly board and wear-resistant finish, you can expect this cabinet to be sturdy, durable, and scratch-resistant. It's designed to look luxurious but to also last for years to come. You can even place a litter box inside the cabinet, too.

Shop now: COZIWOW Enclosed Litter Box Enclosure Furniture Hidden Cabinet, $112; amazon.com

sure petcare pet feeder
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SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

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This is as dog-proof as a feeder gets. This veterinarian-recommended cat feeder uses your cat's microchip ID or RFID collar tag to open just for her! It's a surefire way to ensure your cat is the only one to eat her food. Another reason to love this feeder? It closes as soon as your cat walks away from her bowl! Two bowls and one gray mat are included.

Shop now: SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, $172; amazon.com

k and h pet products ez mount kitty bowl
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K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Up and Away

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Up, up, and away! Stick your cat's food bowl to a spot Fido can't reach—and one of Fluffy's favorite hangout spots—to a window or above or next to a window sill. Easily mount the included 12-ounce stainless steel bowl to a smooth surface with suction cups.

Shop now:K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Up and Away, $10; chewy.com