The Top 10 Cat Water Bowls to Quench Your Kitty's Thirst

Everyone has to hydrate, and that includes your kitty cats.

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Lime green and violet cat bowl pairs with cat decals
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Now, we know what you might be thinking, especially if you're a first-time cat owner.

"Do cats even drink water?"

After all, don't all the movies show cartoon cats happily lapping up warm milk?

Don't believe everything you see on television. Most cats are actually lactose intolerant and should be consuming approximately 3.5-4.5 ounces of water per five pounds of body weight every day to stay hydrated. So, if your cat is 10 pounds, they should be consuming close to 10 ounces of water a day, the size of a full Starbucks tall cup. Not sponsored.

Specific hydration needs can differ from household to household, though, especially if your cat is eating wet food instead of dry food. Wet cat food can contain up to 80 percent water, according to the ASPCA, meaning your kitty may get part of their daily fluids at breakfast, lunch, or dinnertime. Still, it's important to have clean water readily available for them to access throughout the day.

That's where picking the perfect cat water bowl comes in. Whether you're in the market for convenience or style, we've got a list of the best cat water bowls, including a cat water bowl fountain, an automatic cat water bowl, and even a spill-proof cat water bowl.

Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain

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Is this not the cutest little gizmo you've ever seen? And your cats will love how clean it makes their water, too. The Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain is exactly what it sounds like. Featuring an adorable flower design, this 100-ounce cat water bowl fountain is always filtering water, both encouraging your cats to drink and giving them a clean stream to drink from. Plus, it's simple to assemble and will add a "babbling brook" style sound to your home. Everyone's a winner here.

Shop now: Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain, $28;

Torus Filtered Dog and Cat Water Bowl

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Made of BPA-free, food-grade material, the Torus Filtered Dog and Cat Water Bowl can house up to a half gallon of water and filters it without a power source, making it perfect for any room, outlet or not. Plus, the soft rubber feet and solid design work prevent the bowl from tipping over, keeping your cat's area nice and dry.

Shop now: Torus Filtered Dog and Cat Water Bowl, $20;

NPET Cat Water Fountain

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Here's another water fountain option, pet parents. Not only is the pump silent, but the faucet height is adjustable so you can control the volume of the fountain even more. The tank holds 1.5 liters of water, and the three-layer filter keeps it clean for multiple days. And thanks to a transparent tank design, knowing exactly when it's time to clean is a cinch.

Shop now: NPET Cat Water Fountain, $20,

PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Food or Water Station

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Being a pet parent probably isn't your only responsibility, so an automatic cat water bowl like the Healthy Pet Gravity Water Station may be the perfect fit for your busy lifestyle. This cat water bowl features a hygienic stainless steel bowl, and the reservoir is available in three different sizes so that you can tailor it to your availability and your pet's hydration needs.

Shop now: PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Food or Water Station, $17;

Kitty City Raised Cat Food Bowl Collection

Courtesy of Amazon

No cat wants to strain their neck when they just want a drink. These modern-looking bowls promote a healthy eating posture and are also super cute, coming in a matching two-pack so that you have both food and water covered with one purchase. Score!

Shop now: Kitty City Raised Cat Food Bowl Collection, $8;

Ureverbasic Cat Bowls

Courtesy of Amazon

Let's get colorful! You may want one of these non-skid, near spill-proof bowls to use yourself after you take a look. Not only will you get two Ureverbasic bowls for the price of one, but the vibrant colors will brighten up any space for two or more cats! The anti-corrosion bowl makes these perfect for long-term use and easy to wipe out when it's time for fresh water. Make sure to hand wash these so the outer design stays colorful for years to come!

Shop now: Ureverbasic Cat Bowls, $13;

Ethical Pet Stoneware Crock Pet Dish

Courtesy of Chewy

Heavy duty alert! Available in multiple sizes, this stoneware dish is designed to be a sturdy choice, preventing spills and any movement of the bowl when it's time for a drink. This cat bowl also features a high-gloss, fashionable finish. Only the best for your stylish kitty.

Shop now: Ethical Pet Stoneware Crock Pet Dish, $7;

PetRageous Designs Frisky Kitty Oval Ceramic Cat Dish

Courtesy of Chewy

Are you a one-cat household? Not anymore. Your furry friend will have a friend of their own at the bottom of this water dish. The Frisky Kitty dish features a handcrafted ceramic design of a cartoon cat that will brighten up any pet's day. This water bowl is also dishwasher safe, allowing for a thorough cleaning every time. Add a little fun to your cat's day!

Shop now: PetRageous Designs Frisky Kitty Oval Ceramic Cat Dish, $10;

CATPRO Cat Bowl Mat Set

Courtesy of Amazon

This shallow porcelain bowl and silicone mat set work together to keep your cat's space dry—at a bargain price. And if some water spills onto the included mat, it's made of 100-percent food-grade silicone, so you don't have to worry about your kitty lapping up water off an unsafe surface. The porcelain bowl is also resistant to smells, in case you decide to use it for food instead.

Shop now: CATPRO Cat Bowl Mat Set, $10;

Frisco Silicone Collapsible Travel Bowl with Carabiner

Courtesy of Chewy

Going on an adventure with your feline? That's more-than-fine. This BPA-free collapsible silicone bowl folds flat for easy, on-the-go situations, and even clips to a keychain with the included carabiner. You can also choose between two colors: grey or teal. Once you return home, just pop it in the dishwasher.

Shop now: Frisco Silicone Collapsible Travel Bowl with Carabiner, $6;

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