cats sitting on couch with t-shirts that say Thing 1 and Thing 2
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These 10 Shirts for Cats Are Purrfectly Stylish and Practical for Any Occasion

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We can't help but swoon every time we see cute clothing on even cuter cats, including some adorable shirts for cats. Have a special event coming up? Want to dress Kitty up to take new profile pics for his Instagram? He'll be the center of attention no matter if IRL or online—the way it should be!

But there can also be a more functional reason for having your cat wear a shirt. If your feline friend has just had surgery, wearing a shirt can help prevent him from scratching and biting at his incisions … and save him from wearing the dreaded cone of shame. Shirts can also be a good idea when the temperature drops or keeping your hairless kitty comfortable in cooler weather.

No matter the occasion, we recommend seeing how your cat responds to wearing a shirt. If he's uncomfortable, it's best to avoid making your cat wear anything he doesn't want to. If he seems to tolerate it and *gasp!* even like it, keep it on and supervise him while he's wearing the shirt.

Want to surprise your cat with a soft, stylish, and snuggly tee? We've rounded up our favorite shirts for cats, ranging from cute and basic styles to funny and Insta-worthy designs!

10 Cute and Comfy Shirts for Cats to Add to Your Cart Right Now

yudanae animal tom shirt for cat
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

1 YuDanae Animal Tom Shirt Hood Headwear for Cat

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Your kitty will be the best-dressed cat in town with this snazzy Hawaiian shirt that's lightweight and soft. The shirt is made of 100-percent chiffon fabric and is available in both green and white.

Shop now: YuDanae Animal Tom Shirt Hood Headwear for Cat, $16;

strawberry cat shirt
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

2 Cozy Spring Cat Shirt

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I don't know about you but this cat in a strawberry-printed shirt is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. This shirt also comes in pink, which seems like the perfect outfit for Valentine's Day!

Shop now: Cozy Spring Cat Shirt, $23;

nude dude cat shirt
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

3 Nude Dude Sphynx Cat Shirt

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This shirt is the cheekiest wardrobe addition for Sphynx and all the hairless cat breeds out there. It's made of lightweight, breathable cotton for a soft and comfy fit. It even comes in six different colors and four sizes.

Shop now: Nude Dude Sphynxi Cat Shirt, $20;

Matching Cat Tank Tops
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

4 Matching Cat Tank Tops

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These matching cat shirts are a must if you have a multi-pet home! Not only do they make absolutely adorable tees, but they're especially great for hairless cats. Made out of breathable, lightweight cotton, these comfy shirts will help your kitties stay warm—and they'll even absorb your cats' body oils to keep them clean.

Shop now: Matching Cat Tank Tops, $17;

koneseve plaid cat shirt
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

5 Koneseve Plaid Cat T-Shirt

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Is there anything cuter than cats in plaid? This soft, breathable T-shirt keeps it casual but can also be dressed up for special occasions, making it the perfect outfit for your cat—whether he's hanging around the house or posing for holiday photos. This unique plaid tee is a great option for all-sized kitties ranging from teeny to chonky. 

Shop now: Koneseve Plaid Cat T-Shirt, $14;

nope fleece top cat shirt
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

6 HotSphynx Nope Fleece Top

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Capture your kitty's cattitude with this totally sassy top! Made with fleece material that's soft and stretchy, this shirt is sure to keep your furry and hairless cats cozy in the winter. The "nope" applique is ironed and sewn onto the top to keep it secure.

Shop now: HotSphynx Nope Fleece Top, $15;

Frisco I Love Daddy + Mommy T-Shirt
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

7 Frisco I Love Daddy + Mommy T-Shirt

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Whether these are intended for you or your favorite cat parents, these shirts are the cutest way for your fur babies to show off how much they love you. Soft and comfy, these tees belong as a staple in your feline's wardrobe! Made with a pullover design, these lightweight cat shirts are easy to take on and off.

Shop now: Frisco I Love Daddy + Mommy T-Shirt, $16;

cotton striped cat shirt
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

8 Pure Cotton Striped Cat Shirt

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If there's anyone who can rock a cute polo, it's your intelligent feline friend. Kitty can step out in style—and stay cool—in the summertime with this adorable striped shirt made from lightweight cotton. Even better? The shirt's pull-over design lets you easily put it on your cat and take it off when it gets too warm or your cat no longer wants it on.

Shop now: Pure Cotton Striped Cat Shirt, $24;

ThunderShirt for Cats
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

9 ThunderShirt for Cats

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If your cat gets a little nervous sometimes—whether it's while traveling, visiting the vet, during thunderstorms, or simply being away from you—this shirt may help provide some comfort. The ThunderShirt embraces your feline friend like a hug. By applying snug, gentle pressure, the shirt helps make your cat feel secure and comfortable. Vet-recommended, this durable shirt has an 80-percent success rate when it comes to calming your kitty.

Shop now: ThunderShirt for Cats, $40;

Cat Professional Recovery Suit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

10 Cat Professional Recovery Suit

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Nobody wants to wear the cone of shameespecially kitties. Made with breathable elastic, this shirt is sure to keep your cat comfortable while he recovers from a surgery or injury, making life a little easier for everyone in those challenging days.

Shop now: Cat Professional Recovery Suit, $13;