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10 Safe and Comfortable Cat Harnesses for All of Your Outdoor Adventures

Have a feeling your kitty isn’t content to see the world from the windowsill? A cat harness is a must-have for outdoor bonding with your cat.
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Whether it's a stroll around the block, a cross-country road trip or a weekend camping getaway, some outdoor adventures just require the company of your cat. It's important to keep your feline friend safe when you're out exploring the world together, and the simplest way is to invest in a high-quality cat harness.

Cats are naturally curious animals, and they often require a careful eye. Keeping tabs on your cat is especially important when you're outside together since domesticated cats are at danger of getting lost, stolen, or harmed by a passing car or predator. The right harness allows you to safely and comfortably help your four-legged bestie navigate the great outdoors without getting in harm's way.

When shopping for a cat harness, it's important to consider a few things—first, the size of your cat. Different harnesses are designed for different breeds, ages, and sizes. You'll also want to consider your specific design concerns—do you need reflective material for night walks? What about an easy-on design for particularly finicky felines? Whatever your needs are, there's a cat harness here to make you and your pet's outdoor excursions simple, safe, and enjoyable.

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Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash

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This vest-style cat harness comes with a 59-inch nylon leash, two side snaps for easy dressing, a comfy, breathable design, and four fully adjustable snaps to get the best fit. It also comes in every color of the rainbow, so you can capture your cat's personality perfectly.

Shop now: Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash, $16;

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Pidan Adjustable Cat Harness

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This cute, colorful patterned pet harness from Pidan is made from lightweight material and has multiple adjustable straps to keep your cat comfortable and safe. The silk and polyester harness comes with a matching 48-inch leash that attaches to a durable infinity loop to help prevent sneaky escapes.

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PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Nylon Cat Harness and Leash

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If your cat is constantly trying to make a mad dash for a bird or a fence top, they might come to a sudden, uncomfortable stop when the leash length runs out. Luckily, the leash included with this PetSafe harness has an elastic bungee cord design to help your overeager kitty come to a more gentle halt.

Shop now: PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Nylon Cat Harness and Leash, $15;

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Red Dingo Classic Nylon Cat Harness

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This leash and harness set from Red Dingo has a lightweight design that won't weigh your cat down or distract him as well as sturdy fish clips to keep escape artists in check. Reviewers rave that this harness is simple to use and especially easy to get on stubborn cats.

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PETKIT Radi-Claw Durable Cable Cat Harness and Leash Combo

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The PETKIT Radi-Claw leash and harness set has a fun, patterned design and cotton-blend material that's both durable and comfortable for cats to wear. The leash and harness connection has multi-way directional movement and rubberized contact points to give your cat a firm but gentle tug when he strays too far.

Shop now: PETKIT Radi-Claw Durable Cable Cat Harness and Leash Combo, $25;

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Comfort Soft Mesh Cat Harness

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A soft mesh design and lightweight material combine to create an easy-to-wear, breathable cat harness that will keep your cat safe without causing a fuss. This harness is made to distribute leash tension evenly, so your kitty doesn't feel uncomfortable strain if he pulls at the leash.

Shop now: Comfort Soft Mesh Cat Harness, $11;

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Kitty Holster Cat Harness

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This award-winning walking vest for cats is simple for owners to put on but difficult for pets to maneuver their way out of. The comfy cotton harness has a quick-snapping design and comes in punchy pattern options like tiger stripe. If your cat is a little too sophisticated for the Joe Exotic look, there's a respectable range of solid colors, too.

Shop now: Kitty Holster Cat Harness, $27;

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Yizhi Miaow Adjustable Cat Harness

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These harnesses are a little more like cat jackets, with a padded body for extra comfort and warmth—perfect for cool weather walks and camping trips. Yizhi Miaow harnesses take the cake when it comes to style options. Buyers can choose from gingham, polka dot, camo, and other fun patterns that make a meow-worthy statement.

Shop now: Yizhi Miaow Adjustable Cat Harness, $15;

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Voyager Step-Lock Pet Harness

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Get a great customized fit for your cat with this adjustable step-in harness. Four adjustment sliders make getting a comfortable fit super easy—and the customizable choices don't end there. This harness is available in seven size options and twenty color choices, so you're guaranteed to get what you're looking for.

Shop now: Voyager Step-Lock Pet Harness, $14;

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FDOYLCLC Cat Chest Adjustable Harness

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If you have a particularly skilled runaway kitty on your hands, it can't hurt to try this neon harness to make sure they're never out of eyesight. And when it's too dark to see the safety green color? No worries—there's reflective detailing on this cat harness to make sure your feline can't go undetected, even on late night walks.

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