group of cat collars lying on a table together
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8 Minimalist Cat Collars for Pet Parents Who Love a Modern Aesthetic

Chic and simple is the name of the game.
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While there are plenty of eye-catching cat collars on the market, it can be hard to find options that feel more modern and minimalist rather than chaotic and loud. After all, it's your cat, not their collar, who should be the star of the show, right? Still, that's not to say that a simple collar for your kitty can't also be aesthetically pleasing—in fact, there are tons of pretty, fashionable cat collars featuring no-frills designs, such as the eight options we've rounded up below, including luxe fabrics like velvet and leather and even trendy, single-color collars in olive green or blush.

Does My Indoor Cat Need a Collar?

Even if your cat stays indoors, it's highly recommended for all cats to wear a collar fitted with ID tags—you never know when a cat might slip out an open window or door accidentally left ajar. The collars we've selected below are made in breakaway style, meaning that they feature clasps that open easily when pulled on. This way, if your cat gets themselves stuck on something (like a branch or fence), the collar will automatically unlatch and allow them to get away without choking, straining, or suffering any other harm.

Rest assured, these collars all have simple, pretty designs to please any minimalists' heart—while also helping your kitty stay safe.

8 Breakaway Cat Collars With Minimalist, Modern Designs

Pastello Cat Collar
Credit: Courtesy of Tuft and Paw

1 Pastello Cat Collar

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How pretty is this pastel collar, which comes in both petite and regular sizes (as well as this shade of mint and a lovely millennial pink). The stitched edging and silver metal clasps (plus the matching, removable silver bell) make for a lovely combo, while the soft suede lining will keep your cat feeling cozy and supported all day long.

Shop now: Pastello Cat Collar, $69;

Brown Breakaway Cat Collar
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

2 Brown Breakaway Cat Collar

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Don't be fooled by the inexpensive cost—this gorgeous leather collar offers all the benefits of options two or three times its price. The black breakaway buckle contrasts beautifully with the light brown/tan of the band and gold of the detachable bell, and the collar comes in both kitten and adult cat sizes.

Shop now: Brown Breakaway Cat Collar, $15;

group of cat collars lying on a table together
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

3 Adjustable Breakaway Leather Cat Collar

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Available on Etsy, this stylish leather collar comes in over a dozen colors and features a removable bell, two double cap rivets, and a cat-shaped quick-release buckle. Even with that cute adornment, though, it's still super minimal, giving your cat's look just the right amount of flair.

Shop now: Adjustable Breakaway Leather Cat Collar, $16;

Frisco Purple Colorblock Cat Collar
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

4 Frisco Purple Colorblock Cat Collar

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This pretty purple-and-cream colorblock collar will add a vibrant yet understated pop to any cat's appearance. Add on a little bell or accessory if you'd like, or keep things simple and have your pet wear the collar as is. And at $7, it's an absolute steal.

Shop now: Frisco Purple Colorblock Cat Collar, $7;

Murom Leather Adjustable Collar
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5 Murom Leather Adjustable Collar

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Made of high-quality soft leather and available in nine lovely colors, this breakaway cat collar even comes with a bright, detachable bell. You can only buy it in one size, but the collar is adjustable so it can be changed to fit cats of all different ages and weights.

Shop now: Murom Leather Adjustable Collar, $9;

Luxury Velvet Cat Collar
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

6 Luxury Velvet Cat Collar

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Designed in a gorgeous blue-green ocean teal, this velvet option is an elegant collar that'll elevate any cat's look. It features light mint webbing, too, plus a detachable tiny gold bell. And if you like what you see, you can also check out the matching accessories from the seller available on Etsy.

Shop now: Luxury Velvet Cat Collar, $19;

Boots & Barkley Olive Green Cat Collar
Credit: Courtesy of Target

7 Boots & Barkley Olive Green Cat Collar

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This simple olive green cat collar is made from nylon webbing and has a quick-release closure, a ring for attaching an ID tag, and a little bell. It's a classic, minimalist style that will keep the attention on your cat, not their outfit, just how it should be.

Shop now: Boots & Barkley Olive Green Cat Collar, $6;

Modern Cat Breakaway Collar
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

8 Modern Cat Breakaway Collar

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Give your cat a modern accessory with this blue and gold cotton collar, designed to make its wearer feel comfortable and protected while looking fresh. You can pick from several different size and hardware options, and you can even purchase a matching bracelet for yourself.

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