woman wearing a black cat hoodie
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

These Comfy Cat Hoodies Let You Bring Your Cat Along for the Ride

Wear your cat wherever you go!
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Why wear a plain old sweatshirt when you can make everyone around you smile with a cat hoodie keeping you toasty? Cat hoodies are the perfect mode of transportation for your kitty who loves to snuggle, and the cat parent who wants to bring their feline friend along for the ride.

Hoodies are the ultimate lounge gear, and their deep pockets offer a great place to hide cat treats—don't get us started on the entertainment value of the drawstrings! Go for hoodies with fluffy ears or something more sophisticated with a little black cat image or even customize with a photo of your very own cat buddy.  And if you're looking to bring your furry friend trick-or-treating with you, a cat hoodie is the perfect spot for them to snuggle up for the ride.

Check out our favorite cat hoodies below that are perfect for a trip to the park, hanging on the couch, or just taking a snooze. And if you're going somewhere your cat can't tag along (what's the point of even going?!), we've included a few hoodies that will tell the world you'd rather be home with your cat.

Model wearing a KittyRoo Hoodie on a white background
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Release your inner kangaroo with this fun cat hoodie from KittyRoo. Your cat will adore the soft brushed fleece interior and so will you. It's got built-in paw gloves, cat ears, and extra long drawstrings so your little furball has something to do while you nap.

Shop now: KittyRoo, $33; amazon.com

pet carrier shirt
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Pet Carrier Hooded Sweatshirt

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This hooded sweatshirt has a large pouch on the front perfect for your kitty (or even a small dog). This cat hoodie features little cat ears on the hood, pom pom balls on the drawstrings, and thumb holes on the sleeves. If you're looking for the hoodie from our TikTok video, this is the one!

Shop now: Pet Carrier Hooded Sweatshirt, $23; amazon.com

Model wearing a Oversized Sherpa Cat Hoodie on a white background
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Oversized Sherpa Cat Hoodie

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Stay warm from your head to your knees with this extra-long sweatshirt with large pockets and a button-up hood topped by perky kitty ears. Plus it's reversible with micro-fiber on the outside and a fleece interior. Your cat will love curling up with you no matter how you wear it.

Shop Now: Oversized Sherpa Cat Hoodie, $39; amazon.com

Model wearing a Fluffy Mew Hoodie on a white background
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Fluffy Mew Hoodie

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It's faux—fur real. The ears have it on this kitty-themed anti-pill fleece zip hoodie. Deep pockets, cute paw-shaped zipper, and funky accent colors take you from the couch to a night on the town. Your cat will be jealous.

Shop Now: Fluffy Mew Hoodie, $88; etsy.com

Product photo of a Little Black Cat Hoodie on a tan background
Credit: Courtesy of Zazzle

Little Black Cat Hoodie

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For those occasions when a little black dress just won't do, slip on the little black cat hoodie. This cute, big-eyed kitty adorns a standard drawstring hood and pouch sweatshirt in your choice of shades from white to gray to black.

Shop Now: Little Black Cat Hoodie, $38; zazzle.com

Model wearing a Pet Picture Custom Sweatshirt on a tan background
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Pet Picture Custom Sweatshirt

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The purr-fect thing to wear when you can't take kitty along with you. Celebrate your furry friend with this  custom hoodie that features your cat's portrait front and center. Made of 50-50 cotton poly blend, the long-sleeved sweatshirt features a hood and front pouch pocket.

Shop Now: Pet Picture Custom Sweatshirt, $70; etsy.com

Product photo of a Oversize Sweatshirt on a white background
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Oversized Sweatshirt

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Cats do what they want, and we let them because they're so dang cute. Made of lightweight cotton-poly blend, the irregular hem and loose neck make this cat-eared hoodie a must-have. Top a pair of tights with this loose-fitting sweatshirt, layer it up for cold weather, or even wear it to bed.

Shop Now: Oversized Sweatshirt, $22; amazon.com