white leather kitten color with gold accents and bell
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The Best Kitten Collars for Your New Addition

Featuring styles in breakaway, reflective, leather, and more.
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Even if you never intend to let your new kitten go outdoors, finding a collar that fits his small neck—and your sense of style—is an important step. After all, accidents happen and suddenly your indoor cat is very much outdoors, not to mention out of his comfort zone. And even if he never makes his great escape, a collar with a bell can help you keep tabs on your new friend as he explores his new home.

Even with the identification help of a collar, make sure your new kitten is microchipped because many of the collars on the market are breakaway kitten collars, which means if they're caught on something like a branch or even your cat's leg, they'll release and allow him to run free rather than suffer an injury (or worse). It's a fantastic safety feature, but makes that phone number a lot less useful if the collar is found lying on the ground.

For a purr-fect fit, make sure you can slide a finger or two between the collar and your cat's neck with ease—and check the fit frequently as he grows. You can use a soft measuring tape or even a string or ribbon to measure his neck so you can select a size with confidence.

Our Top Picks

gotags personalized reflective cat collar
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Best Overall: GoTags Nylon Personalized Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar With Bell

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If you want a single collar that covers every base—and looks cute to boot—you'll find it all in this one. Personalized with name and phone number? Check. Reflective design? Check. The breakaway clasp, bell, adjustability, and the fact that it's machine washable are all the more reason to check this one out.

whisker city rainbow easy release cat collar
Credit: Courtesy of PetSmart

Best Breakaway: Whisker City Rainbow Easy Release Cat Collar

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While there's no shortage of breakaway kitten collars out there, how many of them offer these Rainbow Brite vibes? After all, your kitten might not be sure of his best colors just yet; putting him in a multi-color collar like this is a surefire way to ensure he looks absolutely as cute as can be.

joytale breakaway cat collar
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Reflective: Joytale Breakaway Reflective Kitten Collar with Bell

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Safety—but make it fashion. This set of two sweet kitten collars comes in both kitten and standard sizes, a variety of bright colors, and features two different adorable designs. Whether you use the included bell or not, the reflective print will make it easy to find your furry friend, even when the lights are off.

leather cat collar with bell
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Best Leather: CriaCo Off White Luxury Leather Cat and Kitten Collar

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For some feline fashionistas, only premium fabrics will do. In that case, treat your kitty to this hand-embroidered collar; it can be ordered in custom sizes, has a striking gold breakaway clasp and bell, and will add just the purr-fect amount of luxe to your little friend's look.

Youly lavender breakaway kitten collar
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

Best Bell: Youly The Classic Lavender Breakaway Kitten Collar ($5.99)

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Maybe no frills are needed when your four-legged pal is already so darn cute! In that case, consider a simple, adjustable, nylon breakaway collar that comes in a darling shade of lavender with a matching bell to boot. It's understated, sure, but it gets the job done—and lets your pretty kitty's inner beauty shine bright.

Boots barkley stripe cat collar
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Best Neutral: Boots & Barkley Stripe Cat Collar

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It's easy to affirm that your kitten is the absolute cutest in this stylish cotton gray and white striped collar. The matching bow and bell are included, and there's also a clip-in clasp and D-ring to make it easy for you to attach an ID tag.

Pastello Cat Collar
Credit: Courtesy of Tuft and Paw

Best Splurge: Pastello Cat Collar

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This pastel collar with silver hardware is perfect for the spring and summer months. Suede lining keeps it comfortable against your cat's neck, and the breakaway clasp and bell make this a safe option. If you need a little quiet time, the bell is removable. If red is more your style, check out the brand's Heritage Cat Collar.

Pettsie breakaway cat collar with bracelet
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Best Matching: Pettsie Breakaway Cat Collar with Friendship Bracelet

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With a BFF (best furry friend) like your kitten, nobody can blame you for wanting to show off a bit. This cute kitten collar has all the standard features with a little something extra. It comes with a matching friendship bracelet that you can wear to make clear who your cuddly companion is and achieve top-tier cat parent status.

sweet pickles the entertainer breakaway cat collar
Credit: Courtesy of PetSmart

Best Showstopper: Sweet Pickles "The Entertainer" Breakaway Cat Collar

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Give them the ol' razzle dazzle with this spectacularly sparkly option. Your kitten probably doesn't need much help with capturing the attention of the entire room, but there's nothing wrong with adding a little glitz to seal the deal, right? With a breakaway clasp, removable bell, and durable hardware, this collar, called "The Entertainer," is sure to keep your kitty in the spotlight.