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Make sure you're taking care of your new puppy so he can and live life to its fullest. Stay on track with your puppy's development and get your questions answered about how to know if your puppy is healthy and when it's time to take him to the vet.

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First-Year Puppy Vaccination Schedule Chart to Follow

Not sure which shots your puppy needs in his first year? Follow this puppy vaccination schedule to make sure your pup’s health is on track.

4 Must-Dos When Potty Training a Dog

Potty training, housebreaking, doing his business outside. These are all terms for the same thing: training your dog to pee and poo outside (rather than on your favorite rug). Teaching your dog this important skill set requires consistency and patience from you. Oh, but it’s worth it.

How to Socialize a Puppy & Why It’s So Important

Learn the why, when and how to socialize the newest member of your family—the one with the roly-poly body, four tiny paws, and a kissable face.

What To Do When Your Puppy Cries—and Why He's Doing It

Puppies are a joy. But there are times when they aren't filled with it, and they’ll make sure you know. Here’s how to soothe a crying and whimpering puppy.

Why Your Puppy Has Diarrhea & What To Do About It

Puppies can get diarrhea for a variety of reasons, some harmless and easy to treat and others more sinister. Mild cases can be managed at home, but here’s how to know if a puppy with diarrhea should be seen by a veterinarian.

What To Do When Your Puppy Gets the Hiccups

Adorable or alarming? Here’s what to know and do when your new puppy gets the hiccups.

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Hello New Teeth! What You Need to Know About Your Teething Puppy

By the time puppies are around 2 weeks old, their first set of teeth begin to emerge. Here’s what you need to know about your teething pet.

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes?

Puppies are born with their eyes shut and it generally takes 10–14 days for newborn puppies to open their eyes and longer for them to see clearly. Here’s what to expect as your puppy’s eyes develop.  

Understanding Puppy Shots: All the Vaccinations Your New Pup Will Need in Their First Year

The puppy vaccination series can help save your dog’s life. Learn all about which shots your dog must have and which you might want to consider.