Dog Preventative Care

Keeping up to date with your dog's preventative health care will maintain that toothy grin on your dog's face and save you money on future vet bills. Learn about proper vaccinations, dental care, ear care, and more with tips and tricks from vets.

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Canine Distemper: What to Know About this Contagious Disease

Distemper is a potentially fatal respiratory condition that affects dogs. The distemper vaccine, usually given to puppies, makes distemper preventable.

6 Vet-Approved Tips for Cleaning Your Dog's Ears

A DIY approach to ear cleaning can be cost-effective as well as kind. Here’s how to master the process.

Understanding Puppy Shots: All the Vaccinations Your New Pup Will Need in Their First Year

The puppy vaccination series can help save your dog’s life. Learn all about which shots your dog must have and which you might want to consider.

How Much Will Having My Dog's Teeth Cleaned Cost?

When you’re adding up the costs of owning a dog, don’t forget to add dental care to the bill. While expensive, the cost of preventative care like a professional dog teeth cleaning will pay off in the future.

How to Treat Your Dog and Home for Fleas

A flea infestation on your dog or puppy is never fun. Here’s how to treat your dog for fleas with a few simple tips so you can get rid of fleas in the house fast.

DNA Testing May Be the Key to Unlocking Your Dog’s History & Health Outlook

At-home dog DNA test kits can share valuable information about a dog's genetics, including their specific breed makeup, health conditions, and more.

More Preventative Care

How to Treat & Prevent Ringworm in Dogs

Think your pup is showing signs of ringworm? Learn the signs and how to handle.  

What Are Holistic Veterinarians & When Should You Visit One?

It might not be on your radar now, but it’s possible your dog or cat could benefit from holistic veterinary care, whether that’s acupuncture, herbal medicine, or chiropractic care.