Dog Neutering & Spaying

Understanding spaying, neutering and overall dog reproductive health helps owners prepare for any necessary procedures and provide the best pre- and post-op care for their dogs. Learn everything you need to know about neutering or spaying a dog.

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How Much Does It Cost to Spay or Neuter a Dog?
Spaying and neutering are routine but serious surgeries that have many health benefits. Make sure you have all the facts on what the procedures might cost and what the options are for your dog.
Do Dogs Have Periods? Well, Sort Of
While dogs don't experience menstruation the same way humans do, they do ovulate. And they'd probably appreciate a treat or two when they do.
What You Need to Know About Neutering Your Dog
Neutering is a key surgical procedure for most male dogs. Learn when and how it's done, and how to care for your dog while he heals.
Dog Pregnancy: What to Expect
Pregnancy can be an exciting and stressful time for a dog and her loving owner. Here’s what to expect when your dog is expecting.

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How Long Are Dogs in Heat?
An unspayed female dog who is ovulating and ready to breed is commonly referred to as being “in heat.” Here’s what you should know about the dog heat cycle. 
How Long are Dogs Pregnant? A Week-By-Week Look at What’s Happening
Are puppies in your near future? Here’s a week-by-week timeline of your dog’s pregnancy and what you can expect to see and experience.