Dog Medications

Giving your dog a new medication can be confusing. Learn more about prescription and over-the-counter dog medications, which human medications are safe (or not) for dogs, and other expert advice to help get your pup some sweet relief.

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Enalapril for Dogs: Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects
This powerful medication can help dogs with heart or kidney disease live longer, healthier lives.
Fluoxetine for Dogs Can Help Pups With Anxiety—Here's How It Works
Doggie Prozac?! Yep, this antidepressant isn't just for people. It can be used as a tool to help dogs cope with fear, anxiety, and worry.
Probiotics for Dogs: Can These Supplements Benefit Your Pup?
Probiotics are popular among people, and these beneficial bacteria may help dogs, too.

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Furosemide for Dogs: Understanding the Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects of This Diuretic
This commonly used diuretic is used for treating conditions that cause fluid buildup in the body, such as heart disease.