Coronavirus & Pets

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the globe, uncertainty around how the coronavirus effects our pets can present feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety. Get information and facts from pet health experts to answer your top coronavirus questions.

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Can Dogs & Cats Get the Coronavirus?

Wondering if your family's fur baby is susceptible to COVID-19? Here's what we know so far about how the coronavirus affects pets.

Can Animals Get Coronavirus? What to Know About Pets and COVID-19

There are very few instances of pets acquiring the virus, and there's no evidence that pets can easily transmit the virus to people, but a new report suggests cat-to-cat transmission is possible. Find out what experts have to say about the virus that causes COVID-19.

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Animal Welfare Groups Emphasize that Pets Can't Transmit Coronavirus

A dog in Hong Kong tested 'weak positive' for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) but authorities said there is 'no evidence that pets will get sick from COVID-19 or cause human infections.'

What You Need to Know About Caring for Your Pets During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Prepare for your pets' care during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) just as you would your own. According to veterinarian experts, your emergency kit should include a 30-day supply. The American Veterinary Medical Association provides a list of stock-up essentials.