Common Dog Conditions & Treatments

It can be scary when your dog or puppy shows signs of illness. Read up on these common dog health conditions and treatments for expert advice to get your pup feeling healthy again.

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How to Treat a Dog's Broken Nail

Some of your dog’s broken nail issues you can take care of, while others need professional treatment. Either way, don't delay.

Signs of Tooth Decay in Dogs and How to Get Your Pup Smiling Again

Although we're more prone to tooth decay than our furry friends, a veterinary dentist provides insight into the condition and how regular dental care prevents rotten teeth from forming.

How to Take Care of Dog Tooth Extraction—Hint: Leave It to the Professionals

A veterinary dentist explains the reasons for pulling dogs’ teeth, the importance of aftercare, and what to consider when choosing a specialist.

Prevention Is the Best Defense Against Periodontal Disease in Dogs

Veterinary dentistry experts explain causes, treatment, and tips for keeping your dog's pearly whites healthier at home.

More Common Conditions & Treatments

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Going Blind

If your dog is starting to go blind, you still have plenty of time to help him adjust to his new normal.

How to Prevent Cracked Dog Paws and Protect Your Pup's Skin from Dryness

While wear and tear on your pup’s paws is normal, dry cracked paw pads are a cause for concern, especially during winter.