Common Dog Conditions & Treatments

It can be scary when your dog or puppy shows signs of illness. Read up on these common dog health conditions and treatments for expert advice to get your pup feeling healthy again.

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U.S. Zoos Are Starting to Administer COVID-19 Vaccinations in Their Animals

Two zoos, in Denver and Oakland, have begun vaccinating their big cats and primates, some of the animals most at-risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Heatstroke in Dogs Can Be a Real Problem, So Learn How to Prevent it

Cool shade, rest breaks, and plenty of water can go a long way to help your pup avoid heatstroke, but a veterinarian explains how critical this condition can become without proper awareness.

More Common Conditions & Treatments

What to Do If Your Dog Has Been Diagnosed With a Luxating Patella

We checked with a board-certified veterinary surgeon to answer common questions like whether your pup can still go for walks or if she will need surgery.

Here's How To Protect Your Dog's Paws From Burning on Hot Surfaces

Help your pup strut his stuff this summer and beyond by protecting his paw pads from hot pavement, beach sand, and potential burns.

Do You Know How to Spot the Signs of Hypothyroidism in Dogs?

This disease affects your dog’s metabolism but luckily it can be effectively managed with early diagnosis and treatment.