Common Dog Conditions & Treatments

It can be scary when your dog or puppy shows signs of illness. Read up on these common dog health conditions and treatments for expert advice to get your pup feeling healthy again.

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Signs of Liver Disease in Dogs and How to Treat It So Your Furry Best Friend Feels Better
Jaundice is a tell-tale sign, but if you can catch it before that point, your dog will likely have an easier recovery.
Why Do Dogs' Feet Smell Like Fritos?
Excuse me, did I just get a whiff of corn chips coming from my dog's paws or are these just hunger cravings?
The Low-Down on Dog Eye Discharge: Are Eye Boogers Normal?
Keeping a watchful eye on booger build-up in your good boy's eyes and knowing what to look for can protect him from potential eye problems.
What Is Canine Vestibular Disease, Anyway?
If you know what to look for, you can identify the signs of canine vestibular disease early and ensure your dog's comfort and recovery.
Ectropion in Dogs: How Those Droopy Puppy Dog Eyes Might Actually Be a Sign of Illness
While some dog owners look for pups with sweet, drooping eyes, pet owners need to be aware of what ectropion is and how this medical ailment of the eyes might affect your dog’s comfort and vision. 

More Common Conditions & Treatments

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Entropion in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment to Give Your Pup's Irritated Eyes Some Relief
Common in certain breeds and often discovered during a dog’s puppy phase, this eye ailment can luckily be easy to spot and treat.

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