Common Dog Conditions & Treatments

It can be scary when your dog or puppy shows signs of illness. Read up on these common dog health conditions and treatments for expert advice to get your pup feeling healthy again.

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Could Your Dog Have a UTI? Here’s What to Do

Urinary tract infections in dogs can be painful and lead to bladder infection or kidney issues. Know the signs and symptoms of a dog UTI so you can treat it quickly.

Can Animals Get Coronavirus? What to Know About Pets and COVID-19

There are very few instances of pets acquiring the virus, and there's no evidence that pets can easily transmit the virus to people, but a new report suggests cat-to-cat transmission is possible. Find out what experts have to say about the virus that causes COVID-19.

Canine Distemper: What to Know About this Contagious Disease

Distemper is a potentially fatal respiratory condition that affects dogs. The distemper vaccine, usually given to puppies, makes distemper preventable.

What is Pancreatitis & How Does it Affect Dogs?

Pancreatitis can make your pup very sick and requires immediate diagnosis and treatment from a veterinarian. Though the disease can be treatable, prevention by feeding your dog appropriate food (no table scraps!) and getting enough exercise can help prevent pancreatitis.

How Long are Dogs Pregnant? A Week-By-Week Look at What’s Happening

Are puppies in your near future? Here’s a week-by-week timeline of your dog’s pregnancy and what you can expect to see and experience.

What is Addison’s Disease & How Does it Affect Dogs?

Addison’s disease can be a serious adrenal gland hormone deficiency that’s hard to diagnose, but with treatment, most dogs with Addison’s can live long, happy lives.

More Common Conditions & Treatments

Animal Welfare Groups Emphasize that Pets Can't Transmit Coronavirus

A dog in Hong Kong tested 'weak positive' for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) but authorities said there is 'no evidence that pets will get sick from COVID-19 or cause human infections.'

How to Identify, Treat & Prevent Skin Cancer in Dogs

You notice a skin lesion on your dog. Could it be skin cancer? Learn why skin cancer in dogs might occur, what it looks like, what treatment is possible, and steps for preventing it in the first place.

Why Are There Worms in My Dog's Poop?

Intestinal parasites like tapeworms and roundworms are common in dogs, but can be treated safely and effectively with help from your veterinarian. Find out how to diagnose, treat, and prevent worms in your dog.