Canine Parasites

While no one really wants to talk about canine parasites like fleas, ticks, and worms, they can cause a lot of serious health problems for your pup. Read more on how to identify, treat, and prevent parasitic infections to keep your dog feeling as healthy as possible.

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Hookworms, the Disgusting Parasites That Suck Our Dogs' Blood, Are Now Resisting Drug Treatments
Research from the University of Georgia and AVMA shows that the resistant worms have entered the greater canine population. But there are ways you can avoid them.
8 Most Common Types of Ticks on Dogs and How to Identify Them
Most pet parents know that deer ticks carry Lyme disease, but these aren’t the only eight-legged creepy crawlies out to suck your dog’s blood.
Could Your Dog Get Anaplasmosis After a Tick Bite?
If you found a tick on your dog, there are a few steps you should take to see if it was carrying this disease to protect your pup from long-term damage.

More Canine Parasites

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How to Remove a Tick From a Dog or Cat

Don’t panic—with the right tools and a steady hand you can remove that pesky pest yourself!