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Ectropion in Dogs: How Those Droopy Puppy Dog Eyes Might Actually Be a Sign of Illness
While some dog owners look for pups with sweet, drooping eyes, pet owners need to be aware of what ectropion is and how this medical ailment of the eyes might affect your dog’s comfort and vision. 
So Maybe Not All Our Pets Were Thrilled About Us Being Home So Much During the Pandemic
An Australian study found that some cat owners thought their cats looked a bit "put out" by the constant human presence.
Older Cocker Spaniel Leaves Box of His Tennis Balls at Park With Incredibly Sweet Message
Jarvis, who's 10, suffers from arthritis and can no longer play with his tennis balls. So his owner helped him gift them to local dogs at the park.
What to Know About the Essential Rabies Vaccine for Dogs
Vaccinating your dog against rabies could be a matter of life and death.
Entropion in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment to Give Your Pup's Irritated Eyes Some Relief
Common in certain breeds and often discovered during a dog’s puppy phase, this eye ailment can luckily be easy to spot and treat.

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Rabies in Dogs: How to Protect Your Pet and Prevent This Fatal Disease
Rabies is one of the worst diseases to affect man's best friend. Learn the signs of rabies in dogs and what you can do to protect the pets and people around you.
Sweet Siggi Once Had Upside Down Paws. Surgery Helped Her Play Like Any Other Dog
The 13-week-old rat terrier suffered from congenital elbow luxation, a rare condition in which the rotated joint causes the paws to bend out of place.

Can Dogs Get Lice?

Doggos romping outside with their pup pals can sometimes pick up nasty hitchhikers. Our veterinary expert provides tips on how to spot and get rid of them.