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Is Your Dog Coughing? Here's What Could Be Causing It and When You Should See the Vet
Kennel cough is the most common cause of dog coughing, but you'll want your vet to get to the bottom of it.
How To Help a Choking Dog in an Emergency
Hopefully you'll never have to use this info, but it's good to be prepared just in case.
Prevention Is the Best Defense Against Periodontal Disease in Dogs
Veterinary dentistry experts explain causes, treatment, and tips for keeping your dog's pearly whites healthier at home.
Cancer Treatment in Dogs Can Include Chemotherapy, Surgery, and Radiation Therapy
Concerned about your dog's cancer diagnosis? Learning about cancer treatment options can help you confidently decide what to do next.
Labored Breathing in Dogs: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention
What if breathing isn't a breeze? Don't wait to get to the vet if your dog is struggling to breathe—it could be an emergency.

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