Not only does Lily help her human navigate life in a wheelchair, but she also helps her deaf dog sister.

Service dogs are truly four-legged angels on earth providing guidance and independence to both their human and animal friends.

But there's one unsung hero who's going above and beyond her daily duties—helping not only her owner, but her furry sibling, too! Meet Lily—a beautiful black Labrador retriever and trained mobility service dog to her pet parent, Bridget, plus a guide to her hearing impaired doggy sister, Kinley. What a hero!

Seen in this trending TikTok video posted Nov. 17, Lily is taking an evening snooze on the couch until she hears, "Hey Lily, want to go outside? Can you go get Kinley?" Lily's doggo ears perk up, followed by a few inquisitive head tilts (got to love those). She immediately gets down to retrieve her sister. Within seconds, both "good girls" are up and ready to go, Lily leading the way!

Lily, the service dog, gets up to wake deaf sister, Kinley
Credit: Courtesy of lily_service_pup / TikTok

If you ask Lily, it's part of her job. Bridget adopted Lily when she was a puppy and trained the pup to perform tasks to mitigate her disability. "She helps me by turning on/off lights, opening doors, retrieving objects, pulling my wheelchair and much more," Bridget, who uses a wheelchair, writes in a TikTok last month. "I am so grateful to have her by my side."

Kinley would certainly agree! Losing her hearing at only 6 months old, Kinley relies on Lily to be her ears now. Well documented via Lily's TikTok account, Lily is seen in a number of videos giving her yellow Lab sis a gentle nudge, indicating it's time to go for a walk or a final bathroom break for the night. She even alerts Kinley that it's time to go inside when they're both out. It's just so heartwarming! And when Lily is not assisting Kinley with everyday tasks, they act like typical siblings.

In all, the sweet sibling bond has generated millions of views across several TikTok videos.

What's not to love about this sweet doggy duo? They're truly role models for dogs and humans everywhere! A fan of Lily's sums it up best: "I speak for myself here but … imagine if we as humans had the souls of dogs."