Dog jumping over agility equipment
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All of the Dog Agility Equipment You Need To Train Your Pup at Home

Turn your backyard into an agility playground your pooch will love!
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Calling playful pups and couch potato pooches alike! Time to get in the game and show everyone how doggone smart and competitive you are. Agility could be the perfect new hobby for you and your pet.

"Agility has something for everyone. It helps cautious dogs build confidence, provides rambunctious dogs with a productive outlet, and gives owners a way to develop a more responsive, attentive relationship with their dogs—all while having fun," says Dresden Graff, Trainer and Competitive Coach for Instinct Dog Behavior & Training in Fort Worth, Texas, and a national agility competition handler. 

"Whether you're just looking for a way to keep your dog active in the backyard, dip your toes into some local agility competitions, or have your sights set on joining the national level teams you've seen on TV, agility is a wonderful way to spend time with your canine companion," Graff says. 

Agility is an inclusive sport that welcomes dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds, who navigate through a series of obstacles as quickly and perfectly as they can. Ready to give this fun sport a try at home? Here's what you need to make your pooch a top-dog contender.

Best Dog Agility Starter Kits

Best Dog Agility Tunnels

Best Dog Weave Poles

Best Dog Jumps

Better Sporting Dogs Deluxe Agility Set
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Best Overall: Better Sporting Dogs Deluxe Agility Set

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This seven piece indoor/outdoor set includes two adjustable bar jumps, an adjustable tire jump, six weave poles on a fixed base, a 10-foot long tunnel supported by two sets of sandbags, a chute tunnel, and a pause box. Lightweight yet durable, it also comes with carrying cases for each piece of equipment.

Shop now: Better Sporting Dogs Deluxe Agility Set, $180;

FitPAWS CanineGym Kit,
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Best Budget Starter Kit: FitPAWS CanineGym Kit

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Proof that good things come in small packages, this kit features six cones and three poles that can be configured in different ways to enable your dog to practice jumps, weaves, cone crawls, and interval drills. Made for indoor/outdoor use and lightweight enough to take on the go, this kit also assists in building up your pup's cardio as well as his agility skills.

Shop now: FitPAWS CanineGym Kit, $56;

Outward Hound® ZipZoom Indoor Agility Kit
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Best Indoor Kit: Outward Hound ZipZoom Indoor Agility Kit

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Whatever the weather, your dog's agility sessions can go on because this kit is designed for indoor use. It includes a square collapsible tunnel, four weave poles on freestanding bases, an adjustable bar jump, and a storage bag for when you wrap up the day's activities.

Shop now: Outward Hound ZipZoom Indoor Agility Kit, $35;

Cheering Pet 28 piece Agility Kit
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Best Kit for Puppies: Cheering Pet Agility Kit

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This 28-piece set is puppy perfection because it offers a broad spectrum of activities for agility newbies to try in an extra-playful way. There's a tunnel, two vertical poles, eight weave poles, an adjustable hurdle, a pause box, string and stakes, a rope toy, whistle, and multiple storage bags. 

Shop now: Cheering Pet Agility Kit, $68;

Trixie Basic Open Tunnel
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Best Tunnel for Puppies: Trixie Basic Open Tunnel

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Designed for puppies (and small dogs), this is a structured nylon tunnel with a stable opening and metal ground anchors that hold it firmly in place. That makes it easier to coax nervous newbies into the tunnel and through it.

Shop now: Trixie Basic Open Tunnel, $28;

HDP Collapsible Training Tunnel
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Best Collapsible Tunnel: HDP Collapsible Training Tunnel

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Made from tough nylon, this regulation-size tunnel has durable steel rings and is waterproof, tear-resistant and static-free. Metal stakes and a carrying case are also included.

Shop now: HDP Collapsible Training Tunnel, $40;

Trixie Sack Tunnel
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Best Training Sack Tunnel: Trixie Sack Tunnel

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Sized for puppies and small dogs, this tunnel is made of durable, structured polyester for heavy-duty use. It comes with ground anchors and tent pegs, a zippered storage bag, and a booklet with training instructions, tips, and tricks.

Shop now: Trixie Sack Tunnel, $49;

Trixie Slalom Weave Poles
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Best Outdoor Weave Poles: Trixie Slalom Weave Poles

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When your dog's ready to advance to weave pole training, here's a well-priced option that meets competition guidelines. Steel spikes are embedded into one end of these 12 plastic poles, making it easy to insert them into the ground and keep them in place. Also included is a spacing guide cord, a training tips booklet, and a storage bag.

Shop now: Trixie Slalom Weave Poles, $46;

Cool Runners Agility Weave Poles Set
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Best Indoor/Outdoor Weave Poles: Cool Runners Agility Weave Poles Set

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These indoor/outdoor weave poles have a unique, fully adjustable base that allows them to be set up in pairs or connected together in straight or offset configurations for more complicated courses. This set is easy to assemble and meets competition guidelines.

Shop now: Cool Runners Agility Weave Poles Set, $60;

Midlee Dog Agility Bar Jump
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Best Basic Bar: Midlee Dog Agility Bar Jump

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Designed with safety in mind, this indoor/outdoor jump covers the basics without breaking the bank. Made of durable plastic with a wide stable stand, its horizontal pole rests on the adjustable stand grooves so if your dog doesn't clear it, the pole falls off but the stand doesn't tip over and injure him.

Shop now: Midlee Dog Agility Bar Jump, $40;

Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set
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Best Travel Bar Set: Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set

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Made in the U.S. of furniture-grade, UV-resistant PVC, this set of four portable jumps has cross-bar heights that can be adjusted from 4–24 inches. Although the jumps are lightweight, they have sturdy bases. Designed for use inside or out. 

Shop now: Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set, $139;

Weave Poles Tire Jump
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Best Ring: Weave Poles Tire Jump

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This retro-inspired ring jump is as cool to look at as it is for your dog to jump through. Made with furniture-grade PVC pipe and fittings, it has a wide base with a cross bar for added stability. Both the height adjustment range (4–26 inches) and the 24-inch ring diameter meet competition regulations. 

Shop now: Weave Poles Tire Jump, $120;

PAWISE Adjustable Jumping Ring
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Best Basic Ring: PAWISE Adjustable Jumping Ring

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Perfect for the agility newbie, this brightly colored ring is made from soft bendable plastic piping that won't hurt your dog if he knocks against it. It's lightweight (so it's easy to transport), assembles quickly, and has an adjustable ring height.

Shop now: PAWISE Adjustable Jumping Ring, $38;