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Here's How to Build a DIY Dog Agility Course in Your Own Backyard
Spice up your dog's squirrel-chasing, grass-sniffing backyard routine with just a few of these household items.
The Benefits of Dog Agility Training (and How to Get Started)
The sport challenges dogs to learn new moves, perfect for brainy pups who need to burn physical and mental energy.
Flyball: A Unique Team Sport to Strengthen Your Bond With Your Pup
If your dog whizzes around your backyard and is always up for a game of fetch, flyball may be pure heaven for your pooch.
Nose Work Training for Your Dog May Be the Best Activity You Haven't Tried Together Yet
Discover your dog’s natural sniffing talent when you try your hand at nose work. Here’s why it may be the easiest, least expensive, most rewarding thing you do together. 

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