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Getting started on training once you bring your dog or puppy home is an important part of their behavioral development. Learn how to train your dog properly with expert advice from certified dog trainers, behaviorists, and vets.

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5 Effective Dog Training Tools Pros Swear By

Providing proper training for your canine companion is a big part of your role as a responsible dog parent. These tools will help you get the job done right.

You Probably Should’ve Enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten Already

Bringing home a new puppy is a busy affair, but making time for puppy classes will pay off in the long run.

How to Clicker Train Your Dog at Home

Clicker training is an easy and effective training technique that works on dogs of all ages, including puppies. Want to train your dog in a few simple steps? Here’s how you can teach your dog to master basic commands using a clicker and treats.  

8 Secrets to Crate Training Your Dog or Cat

Learn the why and how of training a pet to love his crate or carrier. Certified animal behavior consultant Amy Shojai shares her tips for making your pet's crate her favorite spot in the house.

The Dos and Don'ts of Crate Training a Puppy

Considering whether crate training is right for your puppy? A crate, when used properly, is a great tool to manage and train your dog—while also creating a safe space for your pup to retreat to when he’s tired or anxious.

Why Dog Obedience Training Is so Important & How to Tackle

Dog training, such as teaching your dog to obey some simple commands, will make your life easier and can actually make your dog happier. Learn the basics about what an obedience training program for dogs should look like.

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5 Reasons Dog Training Makes Life Better

Training your dog to follow basic commands builds a positive relationship with her and helps ensure her safety. These dog training tips will help you get started.

4 Must-Dos When Potty Training a Dog

Potty training, housebreaking, doing his business outside. These are all terms for the same thing: training your dog to pee and poo outside (rather than on your favorite rug). Teaching your dog this important skill set requires consistency and patience from you. Oh, but it’s worth it.