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Getting started on training once you bring your dog or puppy home is an important part of their behavioral development. Learn how to train your dog properly with expert advice from certified dog trainers, behaviorists, and vets.

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Shiba Inu Named 'Professor Akira' Learns Math Through Flashcards, Is Possibly a Doggie Genius

Meet Akira—the canny canine that computes! This smart doggo can also identify colors, numbers, and pictures through flashcards created by his owner, Monica Elkhalifa.

Why Does Your Dog Eat Rocks?

Rock tasting is not a hobby we want our dogs to try, and eating them can be a sign that something serious is going on.

How to Safely Start Running With Your Dog

Here are all of the tips, tricks, and equipment you’ll need before making your pup your regular running companion.

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What Is a Cue and How Is It Different from a Command in Pet Training?

Dogs, cats, birds, or guinea pigs … our pets are not born with the ability to understand human language. When you use cues paired with positive reinforcement, you can teach your pet all kinds of wonderful things.

How to Teach a Dog to “Roll Over”

The “roll over” cue is useful, adorable, and easy to do with positive reinforcement.