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Getting started on training once you bring your dog or puppy home is an important part of their behavioral development. Learn how to train your dog properly with expert advice from certified dog trainers, behaviorists, and vets.

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Nose Work Training for Your Dog May Be the Best Activity You Haven't Tried Together Yet

Discover your dog’s natural sniffing talent when you try your hand at nose work. Here’s why it may be the easiest, least expensive, most rewarding thing you do together. 

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4 Easy Steps to Teach a Dog to Fetch a Toy

Playing fetch is super fun for both you and your canine buddy. Use these steps to help teach your dog the art of the game.

Why Hand Targeting is the Secret to Teaching Your Dog to Heel While On Leash

A great leash walk involves lots of roaming and sniffing. But sometimes you just need your dog to walk safely near your side. A walk on a narrow side walk or rushing to cross a busy a street will be less stressful when your dog knows how to heel.

U.S. Capitol Police Adds Therapy Dog Named Lila to Its Ranks

Lila the Labrador is leading the way for therapy dogs as emotional support systems for officers in need.