An Australian shepherd named Christie is lucky to be alive after her dad acted quickly and saved her from a frozen pool.


Dan Holmes was sweeping snow in his backyard in Southlake, Texas, when he heard his wife scream. He turned around and saw his 7-year-old Australian shepherd, Christi, struggling to stay above water in his pool, which had almost completely frozen over during the winter storm

"I was petrified," Holmes told local Milwaukee news outlet Fox 6. "I didn't really know what to do."

Thankfully, Holmes acted quickly. He tried to crawl on the ice to get to Christi, but it was so thin, it broke and he plunged head first into the frigid water. He quickly made his way to Christi, grabbed the thrashing pup and pulled her to safety where his wife was waiting. Colbi, his other dog, watched from the side of the pool as their dad rescued Christi. 

Holmes captured the entire experience on a home security camera. He shared the footage on his Facebook page with an important warning. "Warning, if you have pets be careful. Watch this video, thank goodness I was out near the pool," he wrote. 

After the dramatic rescue, Holmes told Fox 6 that both he and Christi made it out of the pool unscathed—just a little wet and a little cold. 

Holmes told the Dallas Morning News this isn't the first time Christi had fallen in the pool. When she was just eight weeks old, she fell in and he taught her how to use the steps to get out. Holmes said that's what she was trying to do when she was struggling in the frozen water

"We love Christi," Holmes told the Dallas Morning News. "This is the second time I have saved her. Most of all, [we] want everyone to know our pets do not understand this kind of weather, and you must be safe."