dog wearing coyote vest
Credit: Courtesy of Coyotevest

A Spiked Coyote Vest for Dogs Will Keep Your Punk Rock Pup Safe

For the dogs who wanna rock—and stay protected.
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Staying safe never looked so good. Coyote vests for dogs have amassed a faithful following online with their spiky neon jackets and rainbow mohawks. Although it may look like they're headed to a punk rock concert, they're actually protecting themselves from coyotes, birds of prey, and potentially other dogs.

Small dogs, as well as cats, could be considered prey for coyotes, said veterinarian Benjamin Wright, DVM, at the Lakewood Vet Center in Dallas. Coyote attacks are rare, but percentages don't matter if it's your pet that gets hurt. Protective vests made with bite-resistant material work best when dogs are outside unsupervised, Wright said. Those colorful whiskers aren't just hilarious, they're life-saving fixtures that make small dogs look larger and more threatening. "Coyotes' usual prey is much smaller than them," Wright said. "A coyote attacking a dog or cat could be injured during the hunt, so they are probably desperate at that point if they are going to risk hurting themselves for a meal."

The anti-coyote jackets slow or prevent surprise attacks and give pooch parents precious time to rescue their pets. "Making a lot of noise is usually all it takes for coyotes to run away," Wright said, but pet owners can take additional steps to prevent coyotes from venturing into their neighborhoods by eliminating outside food sources. Having a dog fence around your yard and supervising your pet when they go outside are also helpful prevention measures that can protect your dog from various types of dangerous encounters.

If your dogs have rock 'n' roll hearts that beat for heavy metal, adding a little punk rock pizzaz to their wardrobe is an added bonus.

coyote vest
Credit: Courtesy of CoyoteVest

Coyote Vest

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The viral images of dogs wearing bright, spiky jackets with mohawks all started with this basic coyote vest. This pioneering product is made with Kevlar capable of withstanding sharp teeth. The vest comes with removable spikes that can be attached to the neck, sides, and back, but it can also be accessorized with other products to create a protective armor your dog can rock. The jacket is durable, defending areas most likely targeted during attacks, but it is also lightweight and comfortable for your pooch.

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coyote whiskers
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Coyote Whiskers

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This accessory isn't included with the jacket, but it's absolutely necessary to complete the punk rock look and provide your dog with maximum protection against coyotes. The bright nylon bristles intimidate predators and irritate the eyes and mouth if they decide to attack. They attach to the coyote vest with Velcro and come in different color combinations so your dogs can stay safe in style. 

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spike bite protective dog vest
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Hawk and Coyote Deterrent Vest

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It doesn't have that quintessential punk vibe, but this coyote vest for dogs is no less effective. The specialized padding is embedded with spikes that are only exposed with pressure. The pads absorb the force from bites and help prevent internal injuries. Layers of stab-resistant mesh protect your dog's ribs and belly. The vest covers about 90 percent of your dog's most vulnerable areas. Add an additional 5 percent of coverage with a spiked neck protector. 

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raptor shield dog vest
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Raptor Shield Puncture Resistant Pet Vest

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If your pet isn't interested in making a fashion statement, this puncture-resistant vest is another reliable option that will protect your pet without the flashy spikes and bristles. It was designed to protect small dogs from birds of prey, but it also offers protection from coyotes and large dogs. Made from polycarbonate plastic—the material used to make bulletproof windows—the vests prevent talons or teeth from puncturing the skin.

Shop now: Raptor Shield Puncture Resistant Pet Vest, $69–75;