Dog Safety Tips & Advice

An owner's awareness about common dog safety tips can protect pups from potential danger. Whether you're going swimming with you dog, running together in public places, or taking your pet outside in hot or cold weather, these tips and advice will help you understand how to keep your dog safe and healthy.

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Here’s How to Stay Safe With Your Dog at the Beach

A dog in Wales had to be rescued at sea this week after chasing some seagulls. Here’s how to avoid a similar mishap.

How to Secure Your Pet Safely When Driving

Us humans buckle up in cars to stay safe, but should our pets wear seat belts, too? Learn about dog car seats and how they can help keep your dog safe when you’re on the road.

Why Microchipping Is Something Every Dog Owner Should Do

Don’t let them leave home without it. Microchipping your dog improves the chances that if your best friend is lost, you’re going to be reunited with them. Here’s what to do.

Should Your Dog Use a Muzzle? Here’s Why It Might Be Right for You

While many people associate dog muzzles with aggressive, dangerous dogs, muzzles are actually an important tool for keeping both dogs and humans safe.

How to Prevent Xylitol Poisoning in Your Dog

This sugar substitute is found in many common foods, including gum, toothpaste, and peanut butter—and it can be deadly for dogs.

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