Dog Safety Tips & Advice

An owner's awareness about common dog safety tips can protect pups from potential danger. Whether you're going swimming with you dog, running together in public places, or taking your pet outside in hot or cold weather, these tips and advice will help you understand how to keep your dog safe and healthy.

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Here's What To Do if Your Dog Gets Bitten by a Snake

Dogs are curious animals, but snakes are not typically friends that your pooch should wander up to. But if they do, knowing how to act quickly can be a lifesaver (literally).

Surf's SUP, Dog! Here's the Best Way to Teach Your Dog to Surf or Stand-up Paddle Board With You

Why “Hang 10” when hanging 16 is even better? With their low center of gravity, your dog can make for a great surfing or SUP boarding companion this summer.

3 Things to Consider Before You Take Your Dog Boating

Sharing your favorite pastime with your pooch can make for fun summer days with some practice and safety top-of-mind.

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