Dog Safety Tips & Advice

An owner's awareness about common dog safety tips can protect pups from potential danger. Whether you're going swimming with you dog, running together in public places, or taking your pet outside in hot or cold weather, these tips and advice will help you understand how to keep your dog safe and healthy.

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Watch: Heroic Texas Man Jumps into Frozen Pool To Save Dog

An Australian shepherd named Christie is lucky to be alive after her dad acted quickly and saved her from a frozen pool.

6 Strategies to Help You Properly Care for a Blind or Visually Impaired Dog

Dogs go blind for multiple reasons, whether that’s a health condition or simply old age. If you're thinking of adopting a blind dog or your dog is losing his vision, here's what you can do to help your pup live a healthy and fulfilled life.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Something Weird (and Possibly Dangerous)

Dogs can eat the weirdest things. Discover some of the strange things dogs have ingested and what an animal hospital veterinarian recommends if your dog has gobbled down something inedible, such as coins, toys, and even a scuba mask (yep, that happened). 

How to Get Snowballs and Ice Off Your Dog's Paws

It's fine for healthy dogs to walk, run, and frolic in snow—maybe even with snow boots and gear, if needed. But when you're ready to warm up and keep them from traipsing the winter white into your home, here's how to clean off. (It's easier than you think.)

Can My Dog Swim?

Discover the safe way to introduce your pet to the joys of swimming.

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Recognizing the Dangerous Signs of Hypothermia in Dogs

Make sure you're prepared to act quickly in case of an emergency situation.